✔️ A Brand Voice Guide ensures your Content Marketing always has your target audience in mind

✔️ Easily Drive Consistent, High-Quality Content across everything you create

✔️ A Great Training Tool to get everyone singing on the same hymn sheet… without sacrificing quality!

A great content marketing style guide sets the bar for the look, quality and feel of every piece of content produced by your business. From your CEO’s monthly blog post, to how your social media managers’ respond to customer service questions, having the same set of standards makes it easier to produce consistent, high-quality content and promote best practices with everything you create.

  • Are you Funny? Or Shy? Do You Want to Empower? Or Make People Cry?
  • What are Your Core Values?
  • Do you shudder when you hear words like “Synergize?”

Why Should I Care About This? Your voice, tone and style are an extension of your business. Whether you have thought about it or not. And if you want to elevate your brand’s reputation and position your business as an industry thought-leader, your entire content marketing strategy from your messaging and communications right through to your use of gifs, needs to be consistent across the board.

Despite its importance, no one really has the time (or let’s face it, the will) to be creating a brand style guide document, so here you have a ready-made, fill-in-the-blank one, saving you literally hours. Hours that can be spent doing something fun elsewhere on your business.

I’m Sold! What is the Price?
It’s only £4.99. That’s whether you request my help with filling it in or not. So you might as well really. You will receive the Guide Template straight away and from then you can just get on with it or if you decide you would like my help then send an email when you need to and I’ll be on hand to help!

Wow this Template Seems Great… How Do I Get One?
All you need to do is simply head to the online shop here to get an instant download of a Print-Ready PDF.