I’m Interested in Working With You, So How Does This Process Work?
Brilliant, it won’t be long until your business will be enjoying the great benefits from having a social media presence! But first I’d like us to meet up, grab a coffee and get to know each other. By forming a strong working relationship, it’s much easier for me to really get to know you and your business and create an effective social media strategy that represents your brand online. Following our meeting, I will then put together a proposal for you that will outline my aims and advice for your social media presence and if you love the proposal then we can quickly get the ball rolling.

Is There a Minimum Term That I Have to Sign up For?
In short, As long as you are comfortable! Social media is often to be thought of as a marathon rather than a sprint which means that it will take time to develop and sustain a social media presence. Because of this it is recommended that an initial 3 month term is employed, subsequently becoming a monthly rolling contract. However I do recognise that circumstances and needs change so there is always room to discuss personal requirements!

Your Rates Are Out of my Budget, But I Want to Work With You. Is There Any Flexibility?
I’ve been exactly where you are before. All the big dreams in the world but little cash in the bank! Let me know your budget and we’ll see what we can do for you. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no!

Will You do The Content Creation for Posts or Will I be Able to Have a Say?
Content can be created in three different ways; I can create it for you, take existing content/ information and re-purpose it for social media or you can provide the content yourself and I will curate it and offer advice if and when it is needed. In almost all cases, it becomes a mixture of all three. It is entirely up to you how content is created for your platforms. What is certain is that the content that is posted will be engaging, valuable and written in a style and tone that will appeal to your target audience. All enquiries, comments and complaints, will initially be dealt with by me and passed on to you to advise if needed.

I encourage all my clients to post along side me where possible. There are always places, events and spontaneous moments that we are not part of and it’s important that you jump on those opportunities when you can.

Ultimately, I will work closely with you so that you can have as much, or as little, control as you would like. It is your business, your baby, and my aim is to take away the day-to-day tasks of marketing your business effectively to your target audience, while you concentrate on your business.

How Many Updates Will You Post a Day?
This depends on many factors but you can rest assure that there is no numerical limit to how many posts are made daily. A posting schedule is dictated by business goals and what your audience wants and as this varies for every business, so too will publishing schedules.

Most of my Customers are Online in the Evening or the Weekends. How Can You Make Sure They Will See The Posts?
From customers in different time zones, to customers that are only active on Sunday mornings, each business has a target audience that are most active at certain times. The good thing is that it is easy to find out when your audience is most active and so ideal posting times can be found and content can then be posted at a time that will maximise its reach and impact. Whenever your customers are active and online you can be sure that your posts will be too!

How Much Does Your Social Media Management Cost?
The price varies according to whichever social media management package you choose and the great thing is that there are no hidden charges and no set-up fees.

When Do You Charge Me?
For consultancy services such as audits, training and the ‘helping hand’ package, payment is due before the service is given. For social media management packages an invoice is produced on the 28th of the month for that month.

Which Social Media Platforms Do You Produce Social Media Updates For?
I have proficient knowledge of all the major social media platforms. The platforms I have most experience in are Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Google My Business.

Where is Training Carried Out?
Training is carried out via Zoom or, if you are local, I’m happy to come to your premises. If you live further afield I can still come to you but there may be additional traveling costs involved.

Will You Handle Customer Service For Me?
Yes I can do that for you no problem. I’m happy and here to interact with people on behalf of your brand. Sometimes there are bound to be customer service inquires though that only you can provide the answer too, when that’s the case, i’ll send you a timely notification to let you know.

How Long Does Social Media Marketing Take to Work?
If you’re starting totally from scratch, it will probably take several months of activity before you start to get the momentum. By about six months, you should be seeing more measurable activity. If you’ve already developed an audience, or spending lots on ads then of course, the growth happens much quicker.

How Can I Speed up The Results?
I’m all about the organic side of social media marketing which involves the push for being consistent and posting regularly. However, there are supplementary methods, such as boosted posts and giveaways you can run for an additional charge that can speed up your growth.

What Do I Get For My Money? What Guarantees Do You Have in Terms of Likes, Business Leads etc?
Some social media specialists choose to run their business differently to me. They guarantee hundreds of leads and pay pounds (and sometimes even pennies!) to ‘buy’ artificial social media likes, leads, video views etc. to ‘prove’ that social media is working for the client and that they are doing a great job for them. The problem with this however is that those bought likes and leads are none other than just numbers, they are not high-quality and are certainly not going to be targeted customers that are likely to buy from you and become your future customers.

I care about the businesses I work with and manage their social media profiles as if they were my own. This means pro-actively connecting with target audiences and growing your customer base organically through high-quality content and community management (interacting, responding, engaging and providing customer service to your online community). In doing it this way, it takes longer than simply buying followers and collecting them like bottle-tops, but what you are rewarded with is an engaged and targeted audience that are interested in your product/service and likely to become future customers and loyal customer advocates!

So whilst you will never hear me say the words ‘I guarantee you 100 leads per month’, I will champion the use of social media correctly and say that it will benefit your business in many ways, from boosting your brand awareness to increasing sales/leads and allowing you to tap into a global audience that was otherwise out of reach for you.

Successful Client Examples

  • Taking a client from takings of £1000 in January 2013 to takings of £10,000 in January 2014 after entering a marketing position in September 2013.
  • Within a month of joining the team, winning a client the Twitter SBS Initiative created by Dragons Den Entrepreneur Theo Paphitis, by creating a tweet and entering them in it. Winners enjoy exclusive support, networking and business, with my client getting to meet Theo himself at the winners event.