Hi, I’m Chester the new addition to the team! My role is Barketing Manager.

For my first post, I want you to name 3 things you’re doing today that have NOTHING to do with work.

Mine are;

🗺 Researched Holiday Cottage Getaway
☕️ Hot Chocolate with a friend
🐶 Visited Rivington on a walk

Rest and taking a break are an integral part of keeping a business effective and efficient!

This year has been incredibly tough for many of us business owners. With many hustling nonstop as hard and they can do just to keep their heads above water. Busyness however, robs us of precious hours: to think, play, explore, nurture relationships – and to rest. Whilst taking time out to have coffee with a friend at 2:30pm or heading for a walk with the pooch in the morning might feel like a waste of time or not feasible in your busy schedule, these important breaks in your day are far from “doing nothing,” – they are an important way to step off the “business treadmill” and re-establish your priorities.

Do you have downtime on your calendar or planner? If not, you need to get it scheduled!