10 Valentine’s Day Promotion Ideas for Your Restaurant!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, and with love struck Brits spending in the region of £1bn every Valentine’s Day, if you don’t have your restaurant marketing ideas in order, now is certainly the time to get them sorted. Live music? Flowers? Special Menu? Here are 10 Valentine’s Day ideas to help inspire restaurants across the country to get in the mood for love!

  • Host a Class

You could hold a couples class experience where they can learn to make a dish in an evening. For example Red Lantern hosts a sushi making class for couples with guests even getting to take a gift home with them as well. What’s not to love!

  • Offer a Gift Card

Give the gift of great food by offering a gift card! Start promoting your gift card availability right now to try and catch the eye of someone looking to buy a gift for their partner.

  • Offer Your Customers a Souvenir

You should offer your customers at least one thoughtful souvenir from the night. This could be anything from a small box of chocolates, to a fresh cut rose or have a photographer going around on the night taking photos for customers to take home with them.

  • Create an Atmosphere with Live Music

Rather than playing generic radio/cd music, look to invest in some live music to create a special atmosphere. It doesn’t need to be an expensive string quartet, you could go for single pianist for example. Bonus points for hiring a local musician! (Make sure to promote this on social media and get your musician to promote the event on their platforms too).

  • Create a Special Cocktail/Mocktail

Create a special Valentine’s Day cocktail or mocktail to make your meal something special. For ideas you can always look for mixes online!

  • Create a Special Menu

Design a special Valentine’s Day menu, making sure to create it around foods associated with love and romance! Honey, Oysters, Figs and of course chocolate are all aphrodisiac foods to add to your romantic Valentine’s Day menu, to ensure you get your customers in the mood for love!

  • Ask Your Suppliers to Get in on the Action!

Ask your supplier to supply some free stock for the big night. A few complimentary bottles of fizz isn’t that expensive to them and offering a free glass on arrival to your customers is a nice touch that will certainly have them loved up!

  • Ensure You Price Things Right

There’s a lot of competition for business on Valentine’s Day, so keep an eye out for what your local competitors are up to and price accordingly. Remember that you are not only competing with other local restaurants, you’re also competing with the major supermarkets that offer a variety of ‘Meals for 2’ eat at home options! Charge enough that people expect (and get!) something special and thoughtful but bare in mind that running a promotion via Book a Table, Groupon or Wowcher for example will help ensure you appear where people are searching for potential Valentines Meals.

  • Be Ready for Proposals!

It’s inevitable that being in a low-lit restaurant, with soft romantic music playing in the background whilst you eat incredible food is the perfect ambience for a proposal! If someone does pop the question to their significant other, make sure you’re ready with some free champagne and desserts, along your camera – so you can share the romance across social media!

  • Don’t be Afraid to Do Something Different!

Valentine’s Day isn’t such a great day for singletons. If you fancy doing something a bit different, why not tap into those people and hold a ‘Singles’,‘Gal-entines’ or even ‘anti-Valentine’s Day’ night for those not wishing to get caught up in all the soppiness. Another idea is to consider promoting a romantic lunch instead of dinner for those who want to celebrate without the crowds.

  • Leverage the Love!

Savvy restaurants will utilize this day by teaming up with local press to gather some attention! You could build a social media campaign around a great offer such as a free Valentine’s meal for 2 to in exchange for the best love story!

TOP TIP: You can have the best idea ever for your restaurant on Valentines, but if you don’t tell anyone about it then nobody will come. Ensure that whatever idea you decide on… you tell people about it! Use all your social media platforms (plus your email marketing!) to tell your existing customers, fans & followers about what you have on offer and consider paying for some advertising – particularly on Facebook to give your posts that extra boost. You can also encourage your current Facebook fans to tell their friends about your night too, by offering an additional special deal for those that share your post.