Perfect for beginners to social media, this free guide is packed full of straight-forward advice and guidance, giving you all the essential social media know-how! The guide is a FREE eBook for you and your business and covers;

  • An Introduction to Social Media
  • Social Media Strategy Checklist
  • Social Media Best Practices
  • An Basic Introduction to Facebook and Twitter.


🔥 Want the Extended Version of the Book? 🔥

The extended version goes beyond the basic and is packed full of straight-forward and effective advice and guidance, cutting through the jargon and giving you all the essential knowledge to confidently grow your social presence, generate sales and leads on social media and make your mark on the online world.

The extended version is updated for 2018, packed full of useful social media stuff, yet the handy bite-sized paragraphs and bulleted checklists makes it a light read for you and your business. Throughout the book we look into more advanced key areas such as;

An Introduction to Social Media
How to Create a Social Media Strategy
Best Practices for Social Media Marketing Success
Important UK Internet Usage and Social Media Statistics
A Comprehensive Look at all the Major Platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.
Social Media Monthly Clean Up and Refresh Checklist
83 Engaging Ideas for Your Social Media Content
Useful Tools and Apps to Help You Market Smart

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This is wonderful and I wish I had this when I started up in business. It is beautifully written and is very easy to read, with good structure in plain English, something too often lacking these days! You are very clever, not only to have thought if this but also to have executed it in such a relaxed manner. It tells me in very clear terms what I need to do and why.

Julie, A Nice Slice of Cake 

I’ve just set up my small business and this book has played as essential role in my marketing. I have read other guides on here and been on courses in my quest to get clued up on social media but this book by far has been the most help. It’s so much bigger than I expected, covering all the basics (and some more advanced stuff that i’m working my way towards!) in a no nonsense way. Perfect! A must buy for any new start-up or an existing business that needs to brush up on their social media skills.
Joanne Sherrington


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