Useful Tools and Apps to Help You Market Smart

Updating Facebook, creating images for Pinterest; posting a stream of Tweets and or crafting your weekly blog post – all of these tasks can easily eat away at your day until there is little or no time for anything else. Those with the budget can hire a dedicated social media manager to do all this for them, but for a cash-strapped start-up with no budget for a freelancer, it can feel like a struggle to get your marketing successfully off the ground. Be thankful therefore, that there are a huge variety of great tools available that are all specifically designed to address these issues.  Utilising the ready available tools to help you manage your social media presence will make the whole process significantly more streamlined and free up your day for other important tasks to growing your business.

  • Canva

Visual content is vital in your social media marketing. Turn to Canva to help you easily produce high-quality, eye-catching mages for free or if you have a budget, gain access to thousands of graphics and photos. They offer numerous templates that help your images look like a great designer has done them (but in the fraction of the time and cost!).

  • Buffer

Buffer makes allows you to create a posting schedule for your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ pages all in one place, which makes posting your social-media content across multiple social media accounts is a whole lot easier.

  • Brand24

Brand24 delivers real-time information on what’s been said as well as what is going on with your competition. This continual insight not only saves you having to search around for what people are saying about your brand, but it will help you effectively respond to positive and negative comments across your social-media platforms, so you can stay engaged with your audience and utilise any potential sales opportunities.

  • Cyfe

Cyfe is a cloud-based service that allows you easily monitor and share all of your vital business data from one single location in real-time. It delivers detailed reports related to SEO, Google Analytics, AdWords and brand mentions. Cyfe can also help with industry and competitor research as a business intelligence tool, helping to turn data and trends into actionable insights.

  • Social Clout

Social Clout is a social media monitoring and analytics tool, that looks at where you can make significant improvements in engagement, campaigns and keywords. It delivers reports on demographics and social-media results, providing data on multiple social-media accounts to help you track the progress and be able to note the differences in responses across platforms.

  • AgoraPulse

If you use Facebook and Twitter for business, this tool enhances what you can do with both social-media platforms, allowing you to manage all Social Media messages in one place, schedule and publish content. It also offers solutions for customer relationship management, applications, analytics reports, contests and more.

  • Follower Wonk

Follower Wonk helps you find, analyze and optimize your social-media efforts solely for Twitter. You can get richer data about your followers, where they are located, and when they tweet plus the ability to locate new influencers and optimise your own tweets.

  • Inkybee

This social-media tool provides a way for you to locate and connect with influencers (bloggers, social-media celebrities etc.) in your industry who can elevate your brand and help open you up to and attract more potential customers.

  • Sendible

A popular and powerful social-media tool, Sendible brings together all aspects of your social-media management responsibilities. From gathering all posts and comments into one dashboard for analysis, measurement and engagement. To publishing, collaboration, mobile tools and customer relationship management.

  • Openr

This tool lets you add a relevant, targeted promotional message to any page you share on your social-media profiles. The result is more leads and traffic while helping you learn more about your audience.

  • Socedo

Socedo automates the lead generation process by bringing in relevant social prospects through social media into your sales pipeline. The platform matches users’ interest with your defined criteria and engages prospective customers, automatically using a customisable workflow. This tool also provides insights and analytics and insights allowing you to fine-tune the workflow in order to get better quality leads.

  • Hooks App

The Hooks app is an alert system to use on your iPhone allowing you to stay up to date on anything through push notifications. There are hundreds of channels, including music, weather, sports scores, weather, stock prices, shipping tracking and even a channel to let you know when a concert from a certain artist is upcoming. Think of any channel, then think of anything you want to be notified of on that channel, whether it’s every time a certain person tweets or when a website is down. For example, to do a Twitter alert, just set up the app, go to Twitter search and plug in the hashtag. You will then get an alert on your phone every time someone tweets that hashtag.

  • TwitShot

TwitShot is a free tool that’s a combination of a website, Chrome extension and iOS app that simplifies the way you find images for your tweets. With TwitShot, you can easily drop photos into tweets. Simply drop in a URL for whatever piece of content you want to tweet, and TwitShot will scrape the site and find all image options. This is much more efficient than downloading and re-uploading an image when you want to tweet.

  • Google Trends

Google Trends is a free service that provides you with on-demand insight into what people are searching for and whether it’s increasing or decreasing as a trend.  Simply type in a couple of keywords and compare their interest activity. Google Trends tracks activity on these keywords all the way back to 2004, and shows if activity is increasing or decreasing, relative to the other search term. You can do this worldwide, but or search by country and get insights into what people are searching for, see whether the trend is moving up or down and more.

  • Firefox Web Shortcuts

If use the Firefox web browser, there are some cool tricks you can utilise. For example, hold down Cmd+Opt+M (for Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+M (for Windows) to see how your site looks on mobile. By holding down Cmd+Opt+Q (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+Q (Windows) you can also see how your web page loads and what’s slowing it down. This is great way to test and troubleshoot your website.

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