How a Tattoo Removal Studio Can Utilize Social Media [Plus 7 Other Marketing Strategies to Use!]

It’s estimated that about one in five of the UK population as a whole is tattooed and this figure rises to one in three for young adults. Every day, as more and more people get tattoos, just as many of those people who have received tattoos in the past, may want to change something about their tattoo or remove it completely. Commonly, it could be a name or change of personal taste or just an overall change of environment and profession that leads someone to get their tattoo(s) modified or removed. Whatever their reasoning behind the change, right now, there’s one clear, common and very effective way to remove a tattoo, that is, with laser tattoo removal. This has lead to one of the fastest growing and lucrative industries, which is great news for businesses in the laser tattoo removal industry but has led to a landscape online that is now very competitive.

With a major shift in how people shop, it’s no longer just about getting ad space in the newspaper or running a radio ad. Whilst these traditional marketing techniques are still valuable to some extent, for a cutting edge procedure like laser tattoo removal, it’s not adequate or effective enough. The person searching for this procedure is looking to see the proof, learn about the process, find a reputable, trustworthy and knowledgeable specialist and all for a reasonable price. Ultimately, these potential customers have got questions and are looking for answers. So how do you think they’re finding these answers and exploring the procedures? First and foremost, they’re searching online. This is where social media therefore comes into its own, allowing you to directly answer customer questions, address comments, and resolve concerns all in real time. It is no secret that consumers who receive a quick response through social media are more likely to trust and recommend that business to other people and 90% of customers who read online reviews are influenced by them when making their buying decision. There’s no arguing that today’s shopping habits for local procedures, and especially medical procedures, revolves around a search online via phone or laptop to learn more and understand the entire process. From this, first and foremost a tattoo removal studio therefore needs to arm itself with a professional looking website that has cleverly mastered its SEO efforts. If you can mix this superior positioning online with a social media presence that allows interactions with your clients and demonstrates how great you are at removing tattoos (After all, the more information you have about laser tattoo removal, the more authoritative and credible you will seem to potential clients over competitors) You stand to engage truly and grow a tribe of loyal followers and fans, who will go out and tell others about your practice and your unique offering.

In addition to maintaining social media profiles that will ultimately help persuade patients to choose you over your competitors, give you an additional ranking online, keep your existing patients coming back, and spread the word about your practice. There are several other important Marketing Strategies for a tattoo removal studio to leverage;

Offers and Discounts: People love a good offer and they are a great way to get shares online and draw in new business.

Share Flyers: You can print out flyers of your tattoo removal service and share to people around your location, and drop the fliers in public places; you can back it up with word of mouth persuasion.

Leverage Partnerships with Tattoo Shops: Most people assume the business opportunity is people wanting to remove a tattoo they regret. Whilst that is the case for many, there is a lot of money in servicing heavily tattooed clientele who want to remove an old tattoo to make room for a new one. You can work in partnership with a popular tattoos shops by giving them a deal in exchange for exclusive promotion. Encourage them to refer people that request for tattoo removal procedure to your shop; then reciprocate by either paying them for every person they refer that undergo the procedure or send people looking for where to get a new tattoo to them. Put stickers on shop doors and leave flyers where their clients can see them. Your customers are in these places, you need to be in front of them.

Google My Business: Creates more opportunities for your business information to be shown in search engine results (i.e. phone number, Google Maps listing, business hours, etc.) The greatest benefit of having a Google My Business account is that you can also connect it to your Google Adwords account so that your business information and map listing emerges whenever your ads appear.

Free Press: Gaining free publicity through a local newspaper, magazine, radio, or news channel is a great way to spread the word about your business. Furthermore, having an established and reliable editorial source market your business will definitely help build your business’s credibility. The key to obtaining free press is to target publications or news sources that are well known to your target customer.

Referrals: Similar to partnering up with tattoo shops you should aim to get referrals from similar businesses as this is a great way to create a win-win relationship while targeting your core demographic audience. Medical spas, beauty clinics, laser hair removal clinics, and military bases/recruiters are all examples of businesses that are great with which to create referral partnerships with. Just remember when reaching out to other businesses, it is best to offer a special incentive for them and their clients.

Make Sure You’re on the Directories that Matter: Directories give you a chance to have another listing of your business out on the web plus send referral traffic to your website. It’s important to submit your business information only to legitimate directories, not spammy ones.

Ultimately a tattoo removal studio will be best served by channeling into using social media as a platform to promote their activities and business news and become an industry thought leader by sharing valuable, informative contributions and insights that will engage, evoke interest and provide advice and information to their audience. The most appropriate platforms that accommodate and utilize this are Facebook, Blogging, Twitter and Google My Business. Other avenues that should also be employed are partnering with local tattoo studios and other similar businesses, getting on relevant industry online directories and also having offerings on online marketplaces such as Groupon and Wowcher.

Example Social Media Content to Post

  • Information about the clinic/infomation about the procedures e.g. #DidYouKnow We use the latest ultra pulse Nd:YAG laser technology – an inexpensive and effective way of removing unwanted tattoos. Prices start at £30 per session.
  • Before and after pictures of results
  • Frequently asked Questions e.g. Does it hurt? How many treatments are necessary? Find all the answers to your most common questions over on our FAQ Page! [Insert Website link]
  • Videos of treatments
  • Contests e.g. Bad Tattoo Contest – Create a contest where people can send in a picture and story of a bad tattoo they regret. Contestants and other people can vote on the worst tattoo and the winner will receive a free tattoo removal treatment or discount.
  • Content (Both original and shared from news sources] about the Areas/Locations You Work in
  • Customer Testimonials
  • General Facts, Tips and Information surrounding the Industry E.g. #Did You Know Tattoo methods from ancient Greece and Egypt to Pacific Island cultures included using chisels, rakes, or picks. Soot-covered thread was also used where the thread would be sewn through the skin! Ouch!
  • e.g. Think you have a lot of tattoos?! Well the most tattooed man in the world is Gregory Paul McLaren (1971), also known as Lucky Diamond Rich. Not only is he is 100% tattooed, including the inside of his mouth, inside his eyelids and ears, but he has also had multiple layers added. Check out the top 10 most tattooed men in the world here: [insert link to worlds most tattooed men article]
  • General Industry news and events that are interesting/relevant e.g. During a tattoo session, the skin is pierced between 50 and 3,000 times a minute by a tattoo machine. Watch tattoo machine in slow motion below! [insert popular slow motion tattoo video off social media]
  • Engaging Industry Related Questions e.g. #FillInTheBlank: The one thing preventing me from getting my tattoo removed is ______ e.g. Guess the answer! The easiest tattoo colour to remove is ________ #FillInTheBlank
  • Any Special Promotions, Offers, Events you are Doing/Hosting/Helping
  • Give Peaks of Behind-the-Scenes Business Activities –Sneak Peeks of Future Work, Something Interesting in the General Work Day
  • General Useful Information – any special ways of doing things? Any events coverage? Have you featured in the press recently?
  • Job Postings/Opportunities

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