How to Build a Large Following and Amplify Your Impact on Pinterest

Pinning images is only the beginning. The next challenge is to promote your Pinterest page in order to get maximum exposure and attract attention. Rather than relying solely on search engines, there are several other key techniques you can employ to help get your content noticed.

Engage with Other Pinners

One of the key elements of building a community on any social media network is engaging with your audience. On Pinterest following other users, especially influencers, is a great way to get your content noticed and spread across a much larger network of people. By following other users and engaging with their content, you increase the chances that they will follow you back, repin, like, and comment on your images, and give you greater exposure to their large followings. Once you start to build your network, don’t forget to be social and remember to continue interacting with and engaging your existing fans.

Promote your Pinterest Page

Anywhere your customers interact with your brand is an opportunity to encourage them to find you on Pinterest. Once you begin pinning, remember to promote it across all your other social media platforms and that includes mentioning it on your e-newsletter, your email signature, business card, product packaging and anywhere else your customers will see it. Adding a Pinterest “Follow” and “Pin It” Button on your website is also a great way to drive traffic to your page and encourages your customers and readers to pin your products.

Create and Inspire With Interesting Boards

The key to a successful Pinterest presence is to create and showcase a range of boards that enhance your brand, engage your audience and host a range of varied content that inspires and interests your audience. Your boards need to be a reflection of your business values and interests so be creative and remember that people can pick and choose which boards they follow, so not every board has to appeal to everyone. It is important that you also consider the overall look of the board taking care to give your board’ s names and descriptions ensuring they are keyword rich and clear. Choosing an eye-catching cover pin for each board is also important as you want to compel your audience to click on and see your board and you will also need to ensure that each board is filled with enough quality pins to make it feel substantial. Utilise seasons and special observances with your boards also by putting your most relevant boards at the top of your profile to coincide with the seasons and other national events.

Host Competitions

Competitions on Pinterest can help drive a lot of attention to your profile. “Pin It to Win It”competitions are very popular with businesses and if done well can really boost sales and traffic. You can generate attention and engagement with competitions that get your fans involved by pinning images from your website onto their own boards, just make the competition interesting and gets others talking about your brand with a great prize also.

Pin Your Deals and Offers

Creating a board that houses your latest deals and offers is a great way to attract attention. If you want really utilise the community you can create an exclusive board for Pinterest members only and encourage them to share them with other users that will potentially get your offers seen by a wider audience.

Comment on Popular Pins

Take advantage of the popular pins section of Pinterest and use this opportunity to add your thoughts and comments on popular pins to generate conversation. Always leave a thoughtful and meaningful comment and this will encourage others to check out your profile and opens up the potential for new interactions with potential new customers.

Highlight Your Individual Boards

If you have boards that are particularly popular then place them highly on your profile to promote them and gain more followers. You can also tailor your board layouts to coincide with seasons and events and promote them to gather attention.

Add a Pin It Button to Your Website

You can easily drive referral traffic from your website to Pinterest by utilising hover buttons that are effective calls to action. Install the hover Pin It button on images on your website and this will act as a visual reminder to your visitors that you have a Pinterest profile and it also makes it easy for users to pin images from your site onto their own boards.

Invite Others to a Group Board

A great way to collaborate with clients and prospects on Pinterest is to create a group board and invite others to pin onto the board. As the creator only you can moderate the board and remove inappropriate pinners and pins leaving a great canvas for others to contribute and add their pins and comments. This helps create a social and engaging group that will attract more attention to your profile.

Follow and Interact With Other Businesses

Connecting with other businesses on Pinterest is a great way to build your following and increase attention to you and your profile. Look to see if businesses you have dealt with in the past have profiles and also businesses that are similar to you in industry and location. If you follow other businesses on their other social networking sites such as their Twitter or blog then look to see if they are on Pinterest and connect with them also. By connecting with and interacting with other businesses you have the potential to be seen by their audiences which can open up the opportunity for potential new customers and visitors to your profile.

Refine Your Boards

Successful boards on Pinterest are often crafted by users who put great efforts in making their boards as niche as possible so that they stand a better chance of being found and subsequently followed by a target audience. Look to see if any boards that you have are labelled with a generic title that covers a broad area and actively look to refine it, seeing if you can split that broad board into several more refined ones. For example if you have a board called ‘ Weddings’ that contains lots of different wedding related pins look to refine it and create several different boards such as ‘ Wedding Dresses’ ‘ Wedding Invites’ etc. By refining your boards you not only organise your page better, you always ensure they become more relevant to the people who are the most interested in those specific topics likely increasing your chances of getting more of the right followers.

Utilise Trends

Ensure that you actively pay attention to relevant trends and act when you can see an opportunity that you can utilise. Things that are popular at a certain time make for a great opportunity for attracting new followers so whether it’ s a person or event that is trending and relates to your business jump on board and share a pin that fits in as you will stand a good chance of gaining some of the traffic and attention that comes with a trending topic.

Ensure You Tag Users

If you are following at least one of a user’ s boards, you have the ability to tag them. By placing an @ symbol in front of the users name within a pin description or comment the pin will then feature their name and also link to their profile page. Tagging other users is a great opportunity to grab their attention and encourage engagement and interaction, both of which can go a long way in attracting new followers.

Ensure Every Pin is Perfectly Optimised

One of the fundamental factors for a successful Pinterest presence is to ensure that every pin you share is optimised in 4 key areas;

  • High Quality Image : Great pins at the very basic level need to start with a high quality image. Look to ensure your image has no pixilation, is large, high resolution and generally good quality. It is also advisable to avoid pinning cheesy generic stock photos as Pinterest users want to be inspired with your beautiful and informative images so ensure every image you share is tailored towards providing value and is beneficial to the viewer in some way. Part of choosing a good quality image is also ensuring that your image supports the accompanying text and links and is reflective of the link you are sharing. Essentially, make sure that people know what’s inside the pin so they feel compelled to click it. If you feel that your image isn’ t doing so on its own then add text to it as this can make the difference between the viewer clicking on your pin or not.
  • Succinct, Snappy SEO-Rich Description : A pin’s description is a prime example of an SEO opportunity. When trying to build your presence on Pinterest you mustn’ t forget and overlook this commonly neglected area as your description has a big impact on your results. Ensure that your image description is clear, concise and enticing to the viewer, all with a consideration of using key SEO-friendly words to describe the content behind the pin so your pins can successfully rank highly in search engines.
  • Call-to-Action: Call to actions are a very powerful tool that you need to include on your pins, whether you place it on the image itself or within your pins description it is fundamental that you have included one. Whether your call to action is to encourage someone to comment, repin the image or move onto view a product on your website you need to make it clear to your followers what you want them to do so make your call to action clear and concise.
  • Attribution: Lastly you should always consider both protecting yourself from content theft on Pinterest but also on the other hand correctly attributing others credit for their own content. It is easy to get content stolen on Pinterest, so you need to ensure you always credit the work of others that you use and also protect yourself from others who will not do the same for your content. Giving credit to others is easy and involves a simple acknowledgement to them in the pin description. In regards to protecting your original pins there are several key elements to utilise, from adding your logo or website URL in the photo to using your key branding elements in the image design or even consider using a watermark on all of your images. Whatever elements you use ensure they are applied consistently as not only will it protect you from content theft it, having your logo or other brand elements on your pins is beneficial for your brand recognition.

Ensure Your Page is Optimised

The best way to convince visitors to follow you is to optimize your Pinterest page. Here are some key areas to focus on.

  • Profile: For the business name, use your company‘ s name or your name if it’ s for your personal brand. Upload a relevant, high quality profile image, such as your company logo, a professionally taken headshot or an image with your company’ s name. Match your username with your business name. If the username is already taken or is too long, choose something similar to it or use an abbreviation. Take the time to write a convincing and compelling bio in the 160 characters you are given. Help attract local followers by adding your town or city and other location details. Don’ t forget to add your website and social media accounts. This information will be displayed right below your profile image. You can add your Facebook account only if it‘ s a personal page as the option to add a Facebook business page isn’ t available yet.
  • Boards: Make sure that your page has at least 10 boards. Place your most important or popular boards in the top row. That way they’ re displayed prominently above the fold, and people will see them immediately when they visit your brand page. Optimise your boards by adding good and keyword rich board names, descriptions and cover images. Top Tip: Create a few secret boards so you can save images to pin publicly later on.

Participate in Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest group boards are a great collaborative tool to utilise in order to get your pins seen in front of a larger, targeted audience. Essentially a group board is where a select group of pinners pin items and collaborate towards creating a large pin board that is focused around a subject that the board’ s creator has chosen. You can be invited by another user to pin onto a group board which if it is a relevant theme to you, can be a great tool for getting your pins seen by a large and relevant audience. If you can’t find a group that matches your interest or chosen theme then you can by all means start one of your own and then invite any pinners you follow and who also follow you to become part of the group. This is also a great way to collaborate with the community and get yourself established towards being a thought leader in your industry.

Partner With Influencers and Power Pinners

One of the best ways to advertise and promote your product is to get someone who is already established and is a well-known industry specialist with a large following to give you a helping hand. Word of mouth marketing and getting social proof from others goes a long way towards attracting attention and brand awareness therefore actively look to find those in your industry on Pinterest who are seen as power users and look to partner with them or at the very least interact with them and comment and share their pins in the hope that they will reciprocate and pin some of your content to their own following.

Design Content to Support Goals

Before you can determine what to pin, think about your goals. They might be to drive engagement, build an audience or to drive traffic. Once you choose your goals, you can determine what to pin by reviewing your Pinterest analytics. To access this data, click the gear icon and choose Analytics from the drop-down menu. Look at your Pinterest analytics to see what content resonates with your target audience. Your analytics page has three sections: Your Pinterest Profile, Your Audience and Activity from Your Website. In the Your Pinterest Profile section, find out how your pins are performing. Your pins are categorized depending on the impressions, clicks, repins and likes they’ ve received. Depending on your goal, choose the category you want to view. If you want to drive engagement, for example, look for pins that have been repinned and liked most. If you want to drive more traffic, take a look at clicks. It is also recommended that you visit the Your Audience section to look at your followers demographics and interests. Click the Interests tab to find out about their interests, the boards where most of your pins are being pinned and businesses that your audience engages with. Write down all this information and use it brainstorm ideas about what to pin.

Design Skinny Images

A Research by Curalate found that tall images with aspect ratios between 2:3 and 4:5 get 60% more repins than very tall images. You can get photos for free from sites like Pixabay, Pexels and Unsplash or you’ ll find affordable illustrations and icons on sites like Creative Market. It is highly recommended however that where possible you try to create your own images. You can do this easily with free tools like PicMonkey and Canva.

Test Various Pin Times

The best times to pin, according to Social Marketing Writing is from 2 pm to 4 pm and 8 pm to 1 am with the best day to pin being Saturday. This is only a general guideline however and you may come to find your optimal posting times are different. The important thing is the test various pins times to work out what is most effective for your
business. To save you time, there are many online tools you can use to schedule pins. Use Viraltag, for example, to simplify the process of creating and importing images; it integrates with Canva, Flickr, Facebook, Picasa and Instagram. The tool’s Image Enhancer makes it easy to edit your images. When you’re scheduling pins, use a combination of your content and content from others. Where possible, include the handle of the creator of the image or content in your description.

Always Serve Complementary Content

Followers look to you and your business for be informed with valuable content. Show you know your industry and develop powerful relationships with loyal clients by providing your audience with Pinterest boards filled with helpful and engaging content. Always seek to know what your clients want and need, and create and serve them complementary content that helps them view you as a trusted resource.

Create Multiple Boards

A way to strengthen your brand presence is to vary the types of boards you create. Create multiple boards to give your followers a variety of topics covering a huge selection of relevant content. That way, you speak to multiple facets of your audience thereby increasing your appeal and reach. Remember when pinning to only include content that remains relevant to and strengthens your brand. More boards and topics will lead to an increase in followers.

Experiment With Promoted Pins

Promoted pins offer the option to pay for additional exposure for your content. As with all advertising, its best practise to experiment with different options. Test different images, copy and even categories, and then choose the ones that work best for you.

Collaborate With Popular Pinners

Group boards allow you to invite contributors to add their own pins to a common board. When contributors are chosen carefully, these group boards greatly benefit marketers by leveraging the contributors’ influence and following. In the end it all boils down to an understanding that to be successful on Pinterest you need to create and foster a genuine and involved community and recognise the power of collaboration by inviting others into the conversation.

Design a Recognisable Style

The average Pinterest user follows nine brands, which means not only are you competing with individuals for attention, you’re also competing with other companies. Even once someone follows you, there’ s no guarantee they’ll notice your pins. One way to set your pins apart from the rest is to develop a recognisable style. Your signature style can be as bold as adding your logo or other identifying mark to all of your pins, or as subtle as sticking to certain aesthetic markers like lighting, angles or typography. All of these considerations work towards one central aim: to make it easy for users to recognise your pins as they scroll through their feeds.

Optimise Pins for Mobile Devices

According to the latest usage data from Pinterest, 75% of all users access the platform from a mobile device. That means it’ s absolutely necessary to optimize your images for mobile and any deficiency in your images is going to cost you dearly. To optimize your images for mobile devices, make sure they’ re large enough to view on a small screen. This is particularly important for images that include text. The most effective way to know whether your post is a fit for mobile is to simply preview all of your images on a smartphone and see how they look before you post them.

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