18 Top Tips for Business Success on LinkedIn Company Pages

Write a Compelling Summary

The home page on a LinkedIn Company Page provides you with plenty of areas to showcase your business, from the cover photo to your company updates and importantly, an area for you to include a great description of your business. A visitor has come to your page to find out about who you are, what you have to offer and whether you’re worth following or not, so it is vital that you create a clear, concise and compelling summary about your business that describes who you are, what you do, why they should take note of you. Ensure within it you also include strategically placed keywords to boost your SEO efforts and help people can find your LinkedIn Company Page through relevant searches.

Utilise the Cover Image

The cover photo appears it a dominant position at the top of the home page of your LinkedIn Company Page so it is an important tool to utilise to showcase your business. Ensure you choose a photo that is good quality, visually appealing, capture’ s people’ s attention and entices them in to take a closer look at your Page content and what else you have to show throughout your profile.

Promote Your LinkedIn Company Page

Your LinkedIn company page can be full of great content and ground breaking ideas and services, but it you fail to promote your page and announce to the world that it exists, then chances are no one is going to see it. From putting a link to your page on your business card, email signature, to displaying it on your packaging and corporate literature, anywhere where your customers will see it is where you should display and advertise your page. You should also explore and utilise the widgets available on LinkedIn’ s website such as the LinkedIn Company Follow button that makes it easy for people on your website or blog to follow your company on LinkedIn with just one click. Don’ t miss out on the areas offline that you can also utilise to promote your page, from telling those you meet at meetings of your page, to having a find us on LinkedIn sticker in your shop window.

Use Featured Updates to Highlight Important Content

LinkedIn offers the featured updates tool to help you highlight important content. So whether you want to promote an event, hype a sale or promotion, or draw attention to a specific piece of content, you can set any update that you publish as featured and it will then be highlighted at the top of your page. This is a great feature to utilise to direct attention to content that you want more people to see.

Utilise the Rich, Visual Content to Capture Attention

Using visual media throughout your profile is a very important aspect of your marketing as it make your LinkedIn company page visually appealing to visitors and grabs their attention, making it more likely they will consume and share your content. From using a compelling image in your LinkedIn Company page banner, to enhancing your updates with videos and photos, there are plenty of opportunities for you to provide rich, visual content to your audience to capture attention.

Make Your Updates Short and Sweet

Your status updates show up in the news feed of a user’s home page so you want to ensure that you grab attention with your post and compel the user to cl ick on your update and consume your content and potentially share it with their network. One of the best ways to grab attention is to post updates that are concise, include a high-quality and relevant piece of visual media (image, video etc.) and contains a compelling description of the link or content you are sharing that lets readers know what to expect when they click through, yet is enticing enough without giving away the whole story.

Create Showcase Pages

Enhance your LinkedIn presence by using showcase pages. LinkedIn showcase pages are an extension of your company page and enable you to highlight certain products or services on a separate page off of the company page. This allow you to customize your messages to highlight and separate content for different customer segments. LinkedIn users can follow showcase pages for topics or products that they’re interested in. This means that the content they see in their news feeds will be more focused and relevant to them, which is likely to result in higher engagement. Before you begin page should ensure you have three optimised and high-quality graphics – a cover photo, a logo and then a thumbnail. Once you create a showcase page, boost your impact by promoting it across any other social networks you are using. You can also add follow buttons, and sponsor your posts to extend the reach of your showcase posts beyond your network.

Take Advantage of LinkedIn Groups

Groups are great tools for prospecting as you search for groups around certain industries and interests, so they are already segmented. Meaning that going in, you already know
185 http://www.scarlettdarbyshire.com your audience. Choose several core members of your team to become involved in LinkedIn groups for certain segments. Prepare a strategy and guidelines for posting and interacting to make sure they feel comfortable and know exactly how establish and portray your business effectively within the groups. Over time, these team members will help position your company as a thought leader in the groups, hopefully resulting in when other members of the group are looking for a new product/service, you will be the first they think of.

Boost Your Content with LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn targeting is a powerful tool for B2B, because it’s so simple to target by job, industry, seniority, education, etc. Start with a consideration of your KPIs and they will guide which advertising option you utilise. For example if you are looking for exposure, use pay per impressions. Or if you are looking for a sign up or a download, then paying for clicks is the best route to take.

Effectively Manage Your Company Page

The LinkedIn Company Page Notification Center streamlines how you manage your company page, while allowing you to better understand which updates and content are performing the best. Access the new Company Page Notification Center dashboard, and you:

  • Get an overview of how many likes, comments and shares you’ ve received on the updates on your company page
  • See how often your company has been mentioned by LinkedIn members on the platform
  • View every publicly shared mention of your company on LinkedIn
  • Comment and like as a company representative in response to mentions about your company
  • Gain greater insights into how the content and messaging on your LinkedIn company page is performing

Keep Track of Industry News Using LinkedIn Pulse

Pulse is a great section of LinkedIn where you can discover popular articles and trending content tailored to your interests. It can be found under Interests in LinkedIn’s top navigation. Browse Top Posts to monitor the most popular content on LinkedIn Pulse, or click the Discover more link found via the hamburger menu to find and follow specific influencer contributors, publishers, or topic-related channels. You can sign up for daily or weekly email summary notifications of Pulse news or instant notifications when influencers you’re following post something new.

Check out LinkedIn’s Content Marketing Score & Trending Content Resources

If you’re a LinkedIn Business Solutions customer, you can learn how impactful your organic and paid LinkedIn content is with the Content Marketing Score and Trending Content resources. Your Content Marketing Score measures user engagement with your Sponsored Updates, Company Pages, LinkedIn Groups, employee updates, and Influencer posts then provides recommendations on how you can improve your score, and thus the effectiveness of your LinkedIn content. LinkedIn’s Trending Content resource also provides you with a sense of which types of content are most popular on LinkedIn in your industry, highlighting the most popular content being shared on LinkedIn for various audiences and topic segments. Monitoring this will help you to understand what content your company should be creating and sharing on LinkedIn to generate the most engagement. Business Solutions customers can contact their LinkedIn account executives any time to learn more about these resources.

Use LinkedIn to Generate Leads

A study by HubSpot found that traffic from LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate (2.74%) of the top social networks, almost 3 times higher than both Twitter (.69%) and Facebook (.77%). LinkedIn can help you generate leads. To get the most out of LinkedIn for lead generation, aim to promote and share links to your blog posts and landing pages in your Company Status Updates, LinkedIn Groups, on your Showcase Pages, and in calls-to-action placed in posts you publish via LinkedIn’s publishing platform, Pulse.

Create your Own Industry LinkedIn Group

In addition to joining already established groups, consider creating a LinkedIn Group of your very own. Create a group based on a relevant industry-related topic, and become a LinkedIn Group administrator. You can then use this group to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, grow a community of advocates, generate new marketing content ideas, and help generate new leads. Email Your LinkedIn Group One of the perks of managing a LinkedIn Group is the fact that you can literally email the members of your group — up to once per week. These emails take the form of LinkedIn Announcements, which are messages sent directly to the email inboxes of group members (if they’ve enabled messages from groups in their settings). This is a prime opportunity for generating leads from LinkedIn, particularly if you’ve built up a robust group of users.

Recruit New Talent via LinkedIn Careers

Looking to fill a position on your team? Build the Careers section of your Company Page, which you can use then to promote your available job openings. There are more robust customization options available for this section, if you purchase a Silver or Gold Careers package. There are several benefits of doing this, firstly it enables dynamic, customizable modules (that display different version of the page based on viewers’ LinkedIn profiles), analytics about who is viewing the page, direct links to recruiters, video content, etc. In addition to allowing you to add a large, clickable cover image that can be transformed into a call-to-action. This image can direct users to a specific job, a list of jobs and opportunities located on your website, or examples of your company’ s culture. The overall look and feel of your Careers page will depend on what information and images you choose to include, such as a list of jobs, recent updates, people at your company, a summary section for your careers, and what employees are saying about working at your company. If you’re actively recruiting candidates with specific skills and expertise, don’t forget about LinkedIn’s Advanced Search feature.

Add the Company Follow and LinkedIn Share Buttons to your Website/Content

Promote your company’s LinkedIn presence and help grow the reach of your Company Page by adding the Company Follow button to your website and to your various content assets like blog posts, emails, and landing pages to extend the reach of your content to LinkedIn users.

Analyse and Learn With Your Company Page Analytics

Use the Analytics tab for Company Pages to evaluate the performance of your Company Page. Access your page’s analytics by clicking the Analytics tab in the top navigation of your Company Page. This tab offers very useful data about the effectiveness of your page’s reach, status updates and engagement, as well as information about your page’s followers, where they came from, how your following has grown over time and how your data compares to other companies, etc.

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