33 Top Tips For Pinterest Success!

Add Your Logo/Website to Your Images

When pinning original content, consider adding a watermark of your website or logo to your image this is to preserve pin integrity and ensure that the image will always stay connected to your website and will continue to promote your brand. Verify your Account When you create a business account make sure to have it verified. This can add authority and trust to a profile and can also make it stand out from other profiles within a search.

Engaging Board Cover Photos

One of the important things to consider when you begin creating boards is to select an engaging cover photo for each board. When a visitor lands on your Pinterest profile, you want the content to stand out and you can do this very easily by carefully selecting the cover photo for each board.

Make your Website Pinterest Friendly

To motivate your customers to share your content you need to optimise your business website to make it easy and compelling for them to do so. The Pinterest Goodies page found on Pinterest plays host to several widgets that you can download and utilise on your website to make pinning your products and following your profile simple for fans to do. From a follow us widget, to a Pin it widget and even a widget that’s lets you showcase a specific board or your pins right inside on your site. Whatever widgets you choose to use, ensure you clearly display them on your site so that you can help turn your website traffic into potential new followers for your Pinterest profile.

Pin Consistently

Pinning consistently will come naturally if you have a well-developed pinning strategy. Consistently with your pinning goes a long way towards helping people discover your pins and increasing the number of followers you gain. As a basis look to pin/repin at least 5 – 10 images daily and stick to that routine, don’ t pin aggressively for several days straight and then neglect your profile for a week as this will not keep you in followers home pages which will not help you grow your following.

Pin at Optimal and Different Times of the Day

There are users all over the world on Pinterest all pinning and viewing at different times throughout the day. Therefore to help you potentially get seen by a new and global audience you should look to use response data to determine the best times to pin on your boards.

Convert Your Pinterest Personal Page to a Business Page Although there’ s no visual difference in a personal and business page, if you are using Pinterest as your business you should convert to using a business page as this allows you to access certain features such as analytics that personal pages don’t which is key to measuring your business success on Pinterest.

Bias Business Specific Boards and Not Get Carried Away With Casual It is very easy, especially without a clear strategy, to get carried away with the casual aspect of Pinterest and eventually lose sight of the opportunity to create boards that are representative of your business. So just remember to be clear you’re your strategy and stick to creating boards that both interest your audience and are representative or related to your business and industry.

Utilise Your Brand Assets and Create a Board For Them

Whilst some industries are more visual than others, there is a need nowadays for all industries to embrace the visual and utilise the many business resources that can be easily repurposed for use on Pinterest. From brand videos, to corporate literature such as white papers, e-books and photos of corporate events there may be a lot more assets available to you than you realise that together will make a strong Pinterest board collection.

Use Keywords Strategically

By strategically using keywords across your profile you are helping to make you profile more discoverable via search and therefore open to traffic and new interactions. Take the time to optimise all aspects of your profile with strategically place keywords from your business description, board name to your description for Pinterest search and you’ ll get higher placement in results.

Share Different Types of Content

Many have the perception that Pinterest only allows the use of images and therefore one of the greatest features and one of the most underutilised by many Pinterest users is posting varying types of content. From audio from Sound Cloud to videos from YouTube and slideshows from SlideShare Pinterest allows users to share a whole range of rich and varied content so utilise this feature and help your business stand out from the crowd.

Vary Your Board Positions with the Seasons & Special Observances

As national observances are celebrated and seasons change so too must your boards and their positions. These special events are a great time for your business to place your seasonal boards at the top of your profile to attract more attention and followers. As you plan new Pinterest boards, look for widely celebrated events and plan your board display accordingly placing an emphasis on encouraging interaction from your audience that will drive traffic at these crucial times of year for sales.

Don’t Neglect Your Business Description

You have up to 200 characters to describe your business in the about section and it is important to craft them wisely. Have your keywords in mind and make it easy to read with a clear, interesting and relevant description to take advantage of SEO on Pinterest.

Optimise Your Page for SEO

As with any other social media platform you need to consider your SEO efforts when marketing on Pinterest. There are many ways to optimise your page for SEO including, optimising your about section and pin descriptions with descriptive keywords, including links back to your website and ensuring the images you pin have descriptive file names and relevant hashtags you can also include a reference link back to your website to drive traffic.

Stay Informed of Pinterest’s Business News

As Pinterest evolves it is likely to make important changes that you as a business need to be aware of. Remember to follow the official Pinterest business page and subscribe to their blog to make sure you stay on top of Pinterest’ s business updates. Take Note of Your Pinterest Followers It is important for you to look at your Pinterest followers to find out important information such as who is looking, commenting and sharing your pins. Finding out this information can help you gain vital feedback about when your followers repin, the comments you gain and if you see the same people frequently repinning and interacting with you it shows you your potential brand ambassadors. Additionally the information about who is interacting with you can also shed light on important potential opportunities to engage with individuals and businesses that may not have been an intended target in your Pinterest strategy.

Keep Your Pinterest Boards Fresh

Updating your followers Pinterest feed with fresh content regularly is key to a successful presence. Pinterest users love fresh content as it’ s something new and they get a first look especially before it becomes spread across Pinterest. From this you should actively look to pin original content from a variety of sites and sources as this will attract attention from other users and gives them a reason to follow your boards as they know you will provide them with regular, fresh and interesting content.

Keep Your Boards Organised

Organised boards are fundamental for not only your own general ease of use of Pinterest but also go a long way in gathering followers. Your organisational skills need to be applied to everything from your board names, what boards you generate, how many boards you generate, to ensuring your pins are always placed in the appropriately named board. In addition you will also need to ensure each board cover has the best pin and that your boards are arranged in an order that best represents you or your brand. Whilst it may seem a lot of effort, you will be rewarded greatly in the long term as organising your boards keeps them user-friendly, easily searchable for your audience and will ensure your Pinterest presence is as fully optimised as it can be for attracting followers and building your brand awareness positively.

Include Price Tags

Users on Pinterest are not only there for creative inspiration, but are also there to find new things to buy. Whilst it is great to have a profile filled with value and inspiration, you as a business and marketer are ultimately on Pinterest to drive traffic to your website and inspire purchases by others. Therefore it is up to you on your profile to influence and compel buyer behaviour and one of the most important ways to drive traffic and increase revenue is to include a price tag and information on the pins that you create as research has found Pinterest pins with prices get 36 percent more likes than those without. It is important to remember however that your Pinterest profile isn’ t simple seen as purely a sales driven platform where you simply broadcast your products, rather you need to provide value to your community with a mix of rich, quality pins that inspire, inform and excite your audience.

Create a Board for Your Blog

Cross promoting your content across your social media platforms is a vital task that you can utilise to increase your brand awareness and drive traffic to your sites. If you have a blog, ensure that you create a board on your Pinterest profile that is solely a place for your followers to find all your blog posts and place it in a prominent position. You also need to consider your SEO efforts by naming your boards and pins using relevant keywords, making it easier for followers to find them in search engine results. On every new blog post you publish, you then need to add it to your blog board on Pinterest and look to include a clear, concise and key word rich summary of the article, a relevant high-quality image (ideally not a generic stock photo) and a link back to the blog post itself.

Think of Pinterest as a Search Engine

Despite Pinterest being a visual platform, text plays a very important role and as such, you need to approach Pinterest in the mind set of it being a visual search engine. From your board’ s names to pin descriptions and what you name your image files, you need to consider your keyword research and strategically place those words throughout your pins and profile to ensure you attract your target audience and increase your visibility in Pinterest search results.

Regularly Explore your Analytics

Pinterest Analytics shows you a wealth of important data that you can and should regularly analyse. From your pin impressions, the quantity of repins to clicks, what content resonates best with your audience and much more, you should regularly keep track of what your analytics tell you as it will help you make informed choices for future content creation and distribution. A monthly check of your analytics is enough to show you a wealth of important information that will inform and help you adapt your Pinterest strategy to ensure it is as effective as it can be moving forward.

Optimise for Mobile

With ever increasing numbers of people accessing Pinterest from their mobile devices, it is vital that you optimise your profile for mobile users and give them a mobile friendly experience. Therefore you should test and experiment with your images to see how they look on both your desktop and a variety of other mobile devices to ensure you provide a seamless experience for those visiting your Pinterest page no matter what device they are viewing it from. When assessing your site from different devices, you should check for several key areas such as; are your images pinnable? Are the social media sharing buttons clearly positioned and working properly? If text is used, it is readable on a small screen? And importantly, do the images appear on the mobile version of your website? The time you spend too perfect your profile from your desktop should also be spent on making your site work for mobile too, if you fail to do so then you could lose not your pins but crucially, traffic and sales also.

Like Other People’ s Pins

If you come across pins that you like but aren’ t necessarily useful to your audience or be something that you want to pin to one of your boards, you may want to consider liking them rather than repining them. Anytime you like someone’ s pin, it will show up in their activity feed. This may grab their attention and get them to follow you.

Use Keywords For Search Results

Hashtags are no longer necessary on Pinterest as the search functionality looks for keywords in pin descriptions. When writing your pin descriptions, make sure you are using the keywords most people would use to find your content. For example, if you want to be found under the keyword ‘ Golf’ , you would obviously use the word “Golf”somewhere in your description. This makes it easier to be found and will create more followers leading to more exposure.

Use Pinterest’s Browser Extensions for Easier Pinning

Pinterest offers browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. Downloading the extension gives you a pin it button right in your browser’ s toolbar. This is a great way to seamlessly pin interesting things you see whilst surfing the Internet. Once you the extension is installed, you will be able to simply right click, choose Pin this Image from the drop down and be able to choose the board that you want to pin it to. Not only will it pin the graphic but it will link back to the originating source.

Pin Videos

Pinterest doesn’t just allow you to pin images…you can also pin videos! Pinterest allows you to pin videos from sites like Dailymotion, TED, YouTube and Vimeo. In order to pin a video, you have to make sure you have the ‘ share’ URL of the video; not the URL where you watched the video, or the embed code. On YouTube, for instance, you’ ll find this link under the video under ‘ Share.’

Use Pinterest’s Mobile App

It is recommended you download Pinterest’ s mobile app. It will allow you to easily browse, pin, repin and even take photos to pin right from your phone which is perfect for growing your page and interacting on the go.

Repin for a Few Minutes Each Day

To get noticed on Pinterest, you need to pin and repin regularly. Even taking around three minutes each day to curate and repin to your Pinterest boards can have a profound effect on your profile. To find relevant content to repin simply enter keywords for your niche or industry in Pinterest search. Remember to check the links on any pins to make sure they’ re active and relevant before you share them.

Follow Relevant Pinners

For successful Pinterest marketing, you must actively follow pinners in your niche. Find pinners relevant to your niche through a Pinterest search and look to follow three to five new pinners every day, being careful not to follow just anyone. Once you find potential pinners to follow, review their profiles and check their Pinterest activities to see if they’ ll add value to your Pinterest marketing.

Comment on a Pin a Day

Keep your eyes open for relevant pins on which you can offer input. If a pin inspires you, add something to the conversation, aiming for one comment at least a day. Your comments can be as short or as long as you’ d like, just make sure it is relevant, pertinent and not self-promotional.

Create Pinterest Images in Batches

Save yourself a lot of time by getting a good image creation tool such as Canva and creating images of your own to pin to your Pinterest boards. A pro tip is to do this task all in one sitting. If you aim to create a fresh image to pin each weekday, that means 7 images a week. One image should take about 5 minutes minimum, so this should only take around 35-minutes. The Ideal size for a pin is 735 x 1102 pixels, however on Canva you can choose the default Pinterest graphics layout that is already optimised for size so all you need to do is focus on creating your design.

Follow Analytics to Generate Content Ideas

To find inspiration for original pins, review Pinterest Analytics each week. Evaluate your repin, impression and click progress over a period of time, as well as individual pin performance. Jot down the best pins and boards and this will help you understand which boards and images are getting the most attention from your followers. Then apply what you’ve learned when you create pins for the next week.

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