7 Key Questions to Ask to Help Form a Successful YouTube Strategy

Before you jump in and start uploading there are several key strategic elements you must consider in order to create a YouTube marketing strategy that will ensure your YouTube channel is going to be in line with your business objectives and ultimately be a successful addition to your social media marketing strategy.

What are my Objectives for my YouTube Channel? Having well-defined goals and a clear vision of your objectives for your YouTube channel is imperative for many reasons. It not only influences the type of video content you’ll share but also impacts on what analytics you will look to in how you measure your success. Whether you want to use YouTube as an outlet to showcase new products, drive sales or boost your website traffic, having clear objectives is crucial to how successful your presence on YouTube will be.

Common YouTube Marketing Objectives

  • Brand Awareness
  • Increase Authority
  • Product Support and Advice
  • Supporting PR efforts

Who am I Going to Target With my Videos? In order to have the chances of a well-received video, you need to have a clear idea of who you are going to be targeting with your videos. It is vital you take the time to gather important facts about your target audience ranging from their average age to what styles and formats they prefer to receive their information, as this will help ensure you create videos that are directly tailored towards them and are likely to resonate with them therefore improving the likelihood of success.

What Am I Going to Upload? One of the most vital aspects of YouTube marketing that you need to know is that people come to YouTube to be informed, educated and entertained and not to watch boring sales adverts. The key is to provide video content that is going to interest, inspire and entertain your target audience as well as enhancing your business image and brand. Whether you will shoot your own videos or hire an external business, remember to share good quality videos that someone in your industry or sector will be interested in viewing. You can upload videos of anything from behind the scenes, product demonstrations to a day in the life of a member or staff, anything that you feel will enhance your brand and interest your viewers. Just remember to pick a niche, be consistent and give the viewers what they want.

Do I Have a Clear Content Posting Strategy in Place? Having a well-developed uploading schedule is an important step towards building a repeat audience and subscriber base and also impacts greatly on how well you build a successful YouTube channel. The two things that will dictate your publishing schedule are your business goals and resources and what your audience wants. So whether you upload a new video once a week or every fortnight, ensure each time it is consistently good, targets your viewers’ needs and is reflective of your brand.

How am I Going to Promote my Channel? There are many resources you can utilise to help you promote your YouTube Channel. From embedding your YouTube videos and playlists to your business’s website and blog to putting your YouTube URL link onto your corporate literature and business cards. Remember to also cross promote on your other social media channels by sharing a direct link to every new video you upload across all of your business’s social media networks.

What are my Competitors Doing? Knowing what types of videos your competitors are producing and how their audience responds to them are both key pieces of information that you need to know. It is by looking at how well (or how badly) they are performing on YouTube that you can get valuable information that you can apply to your own strategy. If they are performing well then find out why and apply that to your own efforts and equally if you see areas in which they are performing badly, then see these as opportunities for you to improve on with your own channel. Additionally if you find that none of your competitors are using YouTube you have to ask yourself why, are they missing an opportunity? In which case you need to establish yourself on YouTube first or are they doing the right thing in not having a presence on YouTube? And if that is the case then you need to establish whether you really need to be on YouTube yourself.

How am I Going to Measure my Channel’s Success? To measure your success effectively you need to first establish your objectives for your YouTube presence as this will dictate what analytics you will measure. Analysing your YouTube Analytics on a regular basis will show you a wealth of valuable information from how many people watch your videos, how they discovered your videos, how many subscribers you have, as well as how many likes, dislikes, comments and shares each of your videos has received. Tracking these metrics will help show you what types of content resonate with your viewers that will help guide your future video content creation.

3 thoughts on “7 Key Questions to Ask to Help Form a Successful YouTube Strategy

  1. Great article, Scarlett! Would you be interested in sharing this with our audiences on creators.co by any chance? I know that a lot of our writers (and readers) are YouTubers and could get a lot out of this.

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      1. Hey Scarlett, thanks for the response! I actually wanted to know if you’d be interested in making a profile on creators and sharing the article yourself? Messages like this go much further if they come from the actual writers themselves.

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