83 Engaging Ideas for Your Social Media Content

Never be stuck for social media content ideas again with this list of 83 ideas guaranteed to keep you inspired for a long time!

  • Explain How You do Something: if you have a unique way you make your product, handle complaints or welcome new customers then share it and describe your process.
  • Staff Profiles: help to humanise your brand by sharing staff photos and information.
  • Personal Stories: People love to see the humans behind the brand and read what they get up to, so if you have just graduated from university or you have just had a baby and you are happy to tell your audience, then share your stories.
  • Show Your Charity/Community Work: If your business supports a charity or gives back to the local community, document and share what you do.
  • Join or Create a Debate: if you feel you can add value to a relevant debate then join in, likewise if you want to hear someone’ s opinions then create a debate yourself.
  • Create a Regular Feature: regular features are a great way of drawing readers back to your page, your regular feature can be anything from a ‘customer of the week’ spotlight to a monthly collection of useful online articles that will benefit your audience.
  • Useful Tips and Advice: Providing useful and informative tips and advice always generates interest.
  • Create a How-To: how-to posts are great for informing your audience and promoting your products uses. If there is more than one way to use your product or service? Or a way of using your product that no one has thought of? Then describe it in a how-to post.
  • Industry Experts or Celebrity Interviews: If you have an industry expert that is of interest to your customers or are lucky enough to have celebrity contacts then a quick and easy interview post with them can generate a lot of interest.
  • Keyword Research: Use Google Analytics or similar tools to see what search terms bring prospects to your site. You can then form your next post around those keywords.
  • Write a Series: if you would like to go into great depth into a topic or teach your audience something complicated, then break the topic into several parts.
  • Conduct Market Research: conduct market research and get your customers involved to share their opinions on your new product/ service etc.
  • Create a Contest: Contests always generate engagement and interest just be sure to make the prize relevant and worthwhile to your audience.
  • Take a Reader Poll: if you want serious questions answering or just simply for fun, polling you audience can be a great way to gather useful information and engage your audience.
  • Create a FAQ: compile a list of the most common questions you get asked, write the answers to them and share them.
  • Create an Award: Giving awards such as a “best of” is guaranteed to gather attention.
  • Share your Customer Feedback: customer testimonials can go a great way in terms of gathering attention, if you get a great testimonial then ask permission to share it.
  • Reveal Industry Secrets: People are always drawn to information that reveals secrets they wouldn’ t normally find out. Therefore exposing secrets from your industry will be sure to get attention.
  • Tell your Story: everybody loves to read about other people’ s dreams, aspirations and challenges, so write about why and how you started your business.
  • Add your Thoughts to a Popular Post: if you feel you can add value to a popular debate or post then join in and add your thoughts.
  • Share Relevant Breaking News: if you know that a current event is going to interest or affect your customers or audience then share it with them.
  • Ask Questions: is there something you want to find out or know about your customers? Then ask them and let your readers create the content.
  • Talk about Relevant Trends: sharing relevant trends helps you convey authority within your industry.
  • Create a Podcast: Record a quick interview with an expert, or just give a few of your own useful tips.
  • Create an Infographic: Infographics are highly popular on social networks so create and interesting and fact filled post and it’s guaranteed to get shared.
  • Report on a Conference: if you have visited a conference and gathered lots of useful information that your audience will find useful then share it.
  • Show Behind the Scenes: People love to see behind the scenes as it shows them an aspect of your business that they wouldn’t normally see. Take shots of yourself and your work day, your employees, or a picture of your office or workspace.
  • Review Books and Articles: if you’ ve read a book or an interesting article you think your audience will find valuable and relevant, review it.
  • Review a Product or Service: If there is a product or service that is relevant to your customers then write about it.
  • Compare Products or Services: you could go beyond simply reviewing one product or service and compare two or more instead.
  • Post a Video: videos gather a lot of attention if they are inspiring and provide something valuable to the viewer whether that be information or entertainment.
  • Share a Highlight: document what the big milestones are in your business history and tell your audience about those important moments and how they changed your business.
  • Share your Passions: telling personal stories and aspects about you help to humanize your brand and inspire your audience.
  • Share your Visions: if your company philosophy is unique and you offer something different from your competitors then share it with your audience.
  • Share Something Inspiring: people like to feel inspired so write about what inspires you and keeps you positive.
  • Compile a Useful Resource List: having a resource list full of information such as good links, websites or good books related to your business, can be a very valuable resource for your customers.
  • The Story Behind One of Your Products/Services: if there is an interesting story behind one of your products or services then share it with your audience.
  • A Day in The Life: Day in the life posts work similarly to behind the scenes posts as they offer the reader an aspect of your business they wouldn’ t normally get to see. Give customers an hour-by-hour account of a typical day at your business from the viewpoint of one of your employees.
  • Offer Something Special: if you have a special event planned or simply want toannounce a new product then make sure you write about it. For extra attention make if you want to run a giveaway along with your special announcement then only make it available to blog subscribers for example.
  • Anniversary Posts: If you launched a product or service a year ago or had a milestone in your business then do an anniversary post a year later to describe what has changed since that event.
  • Round up The Best of Your Blog: if you have blog posts that are buried in your archive but you know is some of your most informative and interesting work then do a round-up at the end of the year and compile your 10 favourite blog posts for example.
  • Upcoming Events Your Business is Involved in or Attending: If you are attending an event then be sure to take photos and document what you do. Even if the event is not directly related to your business, taking photos and sharing them still has the added benefit of humanizing your brand.
  • Profiles of Businesses You Work With: if you work with some other great businesses then give them free advertisement and tell your customers about them. The likelihood is that the other business will return the favour.
  • Make a Prediction: share your opinion on what you think the future holds for an aspect of your industry.
  • Discuss Your Future Plans: give readers a sneak peek at what you have planned for the future to start generating interest.
  • Share Quotes: Whether they’ re funny, inspiring or motivational quotes always perform well.
  • Share Statistics or Data: Show yourself as a cutting edge industry resource by share new, relevant industry statistics
  • Link to a Guest Post: Share a link to a post you contributed to another site.
  • Product Photos: You could share a photo of brand new product look, an employee using the product or a customer-submitted photo etc.
  • Humor: Some lighthearted humorous memes, images, gifs or videos can go a long way towards showing the personality of your business.
  • Giveaways: Giveaways are a great way to not only generate excitement and brand awareness but they also act as a way to say “thank you” to your fans and brand advocates.
  • Host a Chat: Engage your community by hosting a Google + hangout, Facebook or Twitter chat.
  • General Trivia: Share interesting industry trivia by sharing a regular ‘ Did you Know’ feature.
  • Create a Free eBook: Share your interesting knowledge for free in an eBook and be rewarded by a free and easy way to capture contact information and generate new leads.
  • Create an Events Calendar: Encourage your readers to subscribe to your events and keep up to date with what’ s happening in your business.
  • Show of Your Customer Service: Customer service through social media is quickly becoming an expectation of consumers. So grab the chance to show off how much you care about your customers by actively responding, engaging and helping your audience with anything they need.
  • Show of Case Studies: Show your worth and entice readers with a visual case study of your best work.
  • Ask for Reviews or Testimonials: Build social proof by asking (nicely!) for reviews and testimonials.
  • Provide a Recommendation: Give back and share the love by recommending a business you have worked with.
  • Celebrate Odd Holidays: Did you know today is ‘ Draw a Picture of a Bird Day’ !? Use a tool like Days of the Year to find out what today’ s bizarre/wacky holiday is and if it is relevant to your business then celebrate it with your audience to generate engagement and show your personality.
  • Thank Your Fans: Remind your fans you appreciate then by offering a simple thank you. This can go a long way to building connections with your fans. (If you really love them you can combine this thanks with a free giveaway!)
  • Post Teaser Content: Do you have something exciting and special coming up like a new product launch? Tease your audience with small clues to boost engagement and awareness.
  • Link to a Blog Comment: if someone has left a particularly interesting, controversial or helpful comment on your blog, post a link to it and get your fans and followers to weigh in.
  • Ask Your Fans for Content Ideas: Generate content that your audience wants to see by asking them what they want and need.
  • Use Your Website Analytics to Find Content ideas: Look through your analytics to find out which topics generate the most interest from your audience and make those topics the focus for your next blog post etc.
  • Hold a Q&A Session: Give your fans the chance to ask you anything by hosting a live Q&A.
  • Recommend a Book: if you have read a book you think your audience can benefit from, tell them about it.
  • Demos: Demos are like a show-and-tell for your product or service, and are particularly powerful when combined with user-generated content.
  • Opinions and Rants: Controversy is one of the ways to publish viral content.Opinion pieces have the potential to be interesting and provoke a lot of interest. Take a stance on a popular belief, and turn it on its head.
  • Failures and What Not to Do: Just as successes are fun for your audience to read, outlining techniques that don’ t work well is also interesting—particularly when your product or service solves the challenges presented from the failed techniques.
  • Worksheets: Worksheets are perfect for turning the actionable advice from guides into printable materials for note-taking, brainstorming, and ideation.
  • Checklists: Checklists are a type of worksheet that helps your audience follow a step-by-step process to achieve a desired outcome.
  • Templates: Templates may combine information from guides, worksheets, and checklists all into one type of content to walk your audience through a step-by-step process. These are great as free downloads in exchange for email addresses to help you build your email list.
  • Diagrams: Sometimes, a complex pattern is best told in a visual way as a symbolic representation of information.
  • Photography: Stock and personal photography can work well to complement written content. Custom-taken images for your brand are even better, showing the faces and places where you work and the humans behind the scenes at your company.
  • Memes: When you want to show a little personality in content like a blog post, memes get the point across with a little humour.
  • Comics and Cartoons: Not all comics or cartoons need to be funny, necessarily. Hand-drawn or even computer-generated cartoons can also help tell a step-by-step story.
  • Illustrations: Illustrations create visual interest in your content and make for some very shareable graphics.
  • Hand-Written Notes, Sketches, and Brainstorms: Some solo marketers may not have the luxury of a designer on hand. There are times when images of sketches, written notes, and brainstorms work well to illustrate your concepts.
  • Courses: Courses are a type of long-form content typically delivered through emails containing exclusive content dedicated to education. These an excellent way to grow your email list while building a community around your brand.
  • Event Replays: Record your webinars and virtual events to provide videos of the content after the events are over. This is a great way to repurpose your hand work to help get the most bang for your buck.
  • Live-Streaming Video: For any event, new tools like Meerkat and Periscope help marketers bring the events live to online audiences.
  • User-Generated Content: If you do/host something like a Twitter chat, Facebook or LinkedIn Group, for example, collect the responses and publish a recap. The answers will all be advice from your own users—people from your chat.

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