Why Creating a LinkedIn Company Page Can Bring a Wealth of Benefits to Your Business

Creating a LinkedIn company page can bring a wealth of benefits to your business. At a basic level, you can use this platform to educate others of the basics of your business and operations. However you can take your LinkedIn marketing to the next level by utilising the many features LinkedIn offers for companies, in raising brand awareness, promoting career opportunities and the ability to showcase products and services to your potential customers. Whether you’ re just starting your business or already deeply establishes, LinkedIn is a trusted network by small businesses, so don’ t miss out on the ample opportunities it has to offer you and your business.

Why LinkedIn Company Pages? LinkedIn company pages, when done well, can be an important tool for increasing brand awareness and developing yourself as a thought leader through regular engagement with followers and through sharing rich, quality updates. Not only can it be an essential tool for brand visibility, but you are also presented with an invaluable opportunity to tap into a rich network of professionals in your industry that you can develop into a community who can be a captive audience for your business messages.

Free Marketing – Think of your LinkedIn company page as a free and effective marketing tool that’ s used to drive people to your site. You are presented with a great opportunity to connect with potential customers, increase brand awareness, and establish yourself as an industry influencer through the content you post. An added benefit of having a LinkedIn company page is that through the use of strategically placed keywords, you can use your page to boost your presence in search engine results.

LinkedIn’s Hiring Capabilities – The biggest mistake a small business can make is not taking advantage of LinkedIn’ s free small business offerings. If you’re trying to attract potential candidates, LinkedIn is the first place where all the top talent will be looking. When you’ re actively hiring, LinkedIn allows you to publish job postings, as well as the ability to use LinkedIn’ s search to find potential candidates. By proactively searching you’ ll be able to find candidates that fit your hiring needs, reach out to them directly, and drive them to your job posting.

Still not convinced? Here are 8 more reasons why you need a LinkedIn company page

  • Allows you to showcase your brand in a professional capacity
  • Allows you to directly reach out to other professionals in your industry
  • Is an invaluable resource for finding and recruiting employees
  • Allows you to secure recommendations and endorsements of your brand
  • Provides groups that you can use for research, networking and more
  • Helps to amplify your brand to potential business partners and customers.
  • Helps you to build up trust and authority in your niche
  • Allows you to leverage your employees with professional profiles

Need to Know Facts, Stats and Tips about LinkedIn Company Pages

  • More than 4 million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages (LinkedIn, 2014)
  • LinkedIn generates social media’ s highest lead conversion rate (Hubspot, 2015)
  • Link posts get higher engagement. Updates containing links get up to 45 percent higher follower engagement than updates without links (LinkedIn, 2015)
  • On average, status updates that contain questions receive almost 50 percent more comments (LinkedIn, 2015)
  • Posting images has been shown to result in a 98% higher comment rate (LinkedIn, 2015)
  • Employees are 70% more likely to engage with a brand’s company updates (LinkedIn, 2015)
  • More than eight in 10 B2B marketers use LinkedIn for product launches (eMarketer, 2015)
  • Posting 20 posts per month allows you to reach 60 percent of your audience. Twenty posts per month equals one post per weekday (LinkedIn, 2015)
  • The ideal image size to use for a standard logo is 100 x 60 pixels. For a square logo it’ s 50 x 50 pixels. For the banner image it’ s 646 x 220 pixels. The Shared image size limit is 100 MB.

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