The Must Read Checklist Before You Publish Your Next Facebook Post

There’s a lot that goes into making a Facebook presence effective and competitive. From choosing the right apps to enhance your page, choosing an effective call-to-action button right through to creating an eye-catching cover image. One thing’s for sure however, the content that you share with your fans is one of the, if not the, most important aspect of your page. You need ensure each and every time that the content that you share with your audience is engaging, interactive and valuable and importantly, from your point of view, is created with purpose and a clear goal in mind.

So before you publish your next Facebook post, make sure you reference this checklist to ensure you are optimizing your post and making it work as hard as it can do to help boost your business!

How successful your post will be depends on two important factors before you even start writing;

  • Have I Built a Relevant Audience?
    One of the fundamental aspects of whether your Facebook posts and indeed presence is successful depends upon having built an audience that is already interested in what you have to say. A relevant and invested audience is key for your success as those fans are the ones you are trying to target with interesting and valuable content. In doing so you will help turn those fans into brand advocates who genuinely care about you, will interact with you and share your content which will help you to grow your fan base. No matter what any person or article says, having 100 genuine and interested fans is far better than 5,000 fans who never interact with you, share your content or show interest in building a relationship.
  • Have I Utilised Facebook Insights So I Know What My Audience Wants and When the Best Time to Post is?
    Understanding your audience and important aspects about them from their demographics, which types of content they engage with most to the times and days they are mostly online is fundamental to an effective and well performing Facebook post. You can easily find out this information through regularly analysing your analytics, so ensure you are actively looking at this data and then apply it to the content you post. In doing so you ensure your posts are going to be as effective as possible as you have directly targeted and addressed the wants and needs of your audience and will know exactly when to post the content for maximum potential for viewers.


Have I Included Visuals?
Posts that contain visuals such as photos and videos get the highest amount of engagement on Facebook, so you need to actively and consistently incorporate visual elements into your posts. Photos and videos are more visible and take up more space on a user’s news feed than a simple text based post so look to include high-quality, eye catching and relevant visuals and you will find you encourage your audience to become interactive with your page.

Is the Post Shareable?
Your main goal when posting something onto your Facebook page is to get your fans to act on it through engagement, sharing and participation. It is widely accepted that posts containing photos, videos and links get shared more often than simple text based posts, but ultimately none of your posts will get shared by your audience unless they are interesting, valuable and engaging which is what makes them sharable. Before you publish your post ask yourself if you would be willing to share it yourself and if you wouldn’t then you need to change it. The key characteristics of sharable posts often have one or more of the following; They are informative, humorous, buck the latest trends/ events, provide a solution to a problem, have an effective and clear call to action or contain an inspirational quote or bit of advice that fans can’t help but like and share.

Is the Post The Right Length?
Facebook offers you a larger area for content that other social media networks such as Twitter but this does not mean you should post lengthy content. The key to getting attention with your posts is to keep the length concise and easily digestible for online readers. There is no perfect length size for a post but in general the idea is to make your posts stand out in a user’s news feed so you need to grab their attention with images, good links, solid CTA’S and short, snappy sentences.

Does the Post have a Clear Call to Action?
By including a clear CTA within your posts ensures that each and every post is working as hard as it for you to get something out of it. Importantly, a CTA doesn’t have to be about getting people to buy from you, it can include a wide range of other actions from encouraging people to like or share your post, commenting on it, clicking a link to directing them to a landing page or to one of your other social media platforms. What you want your readers to do is up to you just make sure you tell what to do with a clear, simple and concise CTA.
Is the Post Relevant to My Business and Audience?
With Facebook’s continuous updates making it even harder for pages to reach their audience organically, making sure that the content they do see is highly valuable, entertaining and relevant is more important than ever. When it comes to what you post on your page you need to ensure that you stay on topic and only post relevant, high quality and varied content that your audience is interested in.

Am I Available to Quickly Respond to Posts?
Actively watching your posts for audience comments and interaction is just as important as the post itself. You need to be regularly available to respond to the comments you receive and then consciously act on the feedback. By responding to what others write you not only provide good customer service, you publicly show your audience that you are genuinely interested in interacting with them and listening to what they have to say about you and your business. There is so much you can learn from becoming sociable with your audience and listening to them and as you become familiar with them more you can then better understand their needs, wants and opinions which you can apply to future content creation and better target their needs and interests.

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