8 Point Checklist Before You Publish Your Blog Post

If you have put a lot of effort into writing a good blog post the last thing you will want is to forget a minor but crucial aspect that could have a big impact on your SEO, credibility or general overall blog post quality. Checklists are a great time-saving tool allowing you to quickly reference a list of fundamental blog post aspects so you ensure that you don’t forget anything crucial before you hit ‘publish post.’ Here is a clear checklist of general writing, SEO and reader experience points for you to consider before you publish your next blog post.


Have I Met my Goal for This Blog Post?
Whatever you set out to achieve with your blog post, whether it’s getting people to take part in research, purchase a product or sign up to your newsletter make sure that the material and links fully support your aim and you have clear and relevant call to actions. Having clear goals also makes it easier to measure your success later down the line and assess whether the blog post achieved what it set out to do.


Is my Post Easy to Read, Well- Developed and Presented?
Having a well- formatted blog post is crucial for both ease of read and keeping the attention of readers. Blog posts even when the tone is causal are ultimately still professional papers and when writing them you are representing your business as much as you do when at meetings and in general. From this, it is vital that you generate a structured blog template and form a routine before you publish around proofreading your post paying particular attention to several key areas;
Is your information bulleted and has numbered lists for easy consumption?
Are the links you use relevant and pointed to the correct webpage?
Have you used short and succinct sentences to get your point across successfully?
Are your section headings clear and specific to their individual points?
Is your post well concluded with good evidence?
Have you taken to time to proofread and made sure your format is consistent with spacing between paragraphs as well as font styles and sizes?
Have I Directly Targeted my Audience in This Post?
You need to ensure that your blog post has been directly written with your target audience in mind. This involves you knowing and learning aspects about them from what content resonates best with them to what needs, interest, problems and questions they have as customers. So ensure your content contains specialised information that your customers will want to read. In doing so will not only will you be maximising interest and engagement from your readers, you will be proving your expertise in your industry.


Does my Post Contain Relevant Keywords?
In order to increase the potential for your blogs reach, every blog post you write should focus on and reiterate certain relevant keywords for your business. Ideally, when you are writing keep in mind 5-10 keywords and weave them into your content taking care to not over flood your content making it unreadable and incoherent. As you become more comfortable with writing your posts you will soon find that you develop this skill to fully optimise your posts confidently.


Does the Title Grab my Attention and Make me Want to Click on it?
The main section of your blog post may be full of brilliant and valuable content, but if you don’t invest the time into creating an optimised your title that makes readers want to click on it, you are making a mistake. When forming a title consider whether you yourself would click on it, is it going to solve a common problem? Improve and aspect of your life or is it exciting exclusive content? Whatever you decide make sure it is compelling enough to click on and is optimised with keywords.


Have I Backed up my Points with Good Evidence?
One of the key ways to become a trusted source of information is to provide content that is reliable and backed up with solid evidence to support what you are claiming. So before you publish your post make sure all the points you make are coherent and evidence is there that supports and justifies what you are claiming. Remember people may be making business decisions based on what you write so you must appear informed and reliable and give them clear reasons why what your saying is true and accurate.


Have I Included a Clear CTA?
By ensuring you include a clear call to action in every post you are making sure that each post is purposeful for your business. Whether you direct the reader to an external site or ask them to leave a comment for example you need to consistently encourage the reader to continue the interaction with you once they have finished reading your post.


How am I Going to Promote this Post?
To ensure maximum reach and impact you need to consider how you are going to promote your post once it’s published. Are you going to promote it across your other social media platforms? or advertise it on your e-newsletter? Your post could be filled with fantastically valuable information but if you put no consideration into how you are going to promote it then you will be missing out on crutial attention and potential subscribers/prospects.

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