13 Effective Ways to Build a Facebook Following

One of the most common questions I receive from business owners is how they can grow their Facebook fan base. The truth is that it takes an ongoing commitment on your behalf to brand, nurture and monitor your page in a way that attracts a relevant audience who are interested in interacting with you. There are however several easy and effective methods you can implement to help you build your Facebook audience, but of course it all starts with you making yourself likeable in the first place…


Make Yourself Likeable
If you want to be liked on Facebook you need to make yourself likeable first. This means you need to incentivise and attract people to your page by having an active page full of quality and consistent posts with good, valuable information and consistent engagement and interaction between your page and others.


Give Your Fans a Reason to Connect
To make people want to connect with you, you have to give them a reason to do so. This means in addition to consistently providing quality content you need to utilise other means of incentivising people to connect with you from hosting regular competitions or giveaways to holding a fan of the week showcase, there are many options available for you to encourage people to like you. Simply learn what your target audience wants, why they like you and what content they respond well to and you will easily be able to use this information to attract more people to connect with you.


Promote your Facebook Page on other Social Media
Anywhere your customers interact with your brand is an opportunity to encourage them to follow you on Facebook. Once you develop you presence, remember to promote it across all your other social media platforms sharing your URL in your profile descriptions as well as sharing your most recent posts as well as mentioning it on your e-newsletter, your email signature, business card, product packaging and anywhere else your customers will see it. This also applies if you’re an active participant in a forum or membership site, placing a signature with your fan page link will direct more attention to your page.


Use Tagging and Acknowledgments
Tagging an author or a popular Facebook page in your post is a great networking tool that can drive new connections. You should however have a good reason to do this, for example if the page or author has posted something that will be useful and valuable to your fans. Be authentic and selfless in how you do it and you may be rewarded with increased attention to your page.


Reward Your Loyal Supporters
Encourage your loyal customers to join your Facebook page as supporters, and reward them with special deals for consistent support. This equally applies to those already fans of your page that continually show their support. A recommendation or shout-out from a happy customer is a lot more attractive than a marketing slogan, so reward your fans and they will likely share with their friends how great you are.


Host Contests
Contests are a popular method of building an audience on Facebook and, if executed correctly, can drive huge fan growth over a short period of time which will have a big impact on your Facebook page. You should test a wide variety of different types of contests and see which resonates with your audience but always remember that you need your contest to captivate attention in a way that gets people thinking about your products or services, but make it simple enough that the majority on people can easily take part in.

Popular Contest ideas

  • Tell Us How You Would Use [Product] to Win it!
  • Help Name our New [Product]
  • Caption This to Win [Prize]!
  • Friday Giveaway! Simply post ______ in the comments to be in with a chance to win!


Connect With Other Page Managers
Connecting and interacting with other page managers, especially local business to you can be a powerful tactic for making new connections and gathering attention. If there is a local business to you on Facebook then look to connect and work with each other to cross-promote. Not only will you develop a meaningful connection with another business that can lead to future opportunities, you will become visible to their audience which can help drive new likes and connections.


Join Conversations and Comment on Other Pages
One of the easiest ways to gain more exposure to your Facebook page is to utilise the social side of the network and interact with and join conversations of others to make yourself more visible. By actively searching for relevant businesses and conversations to interact with and join you can demonstrate your authority and authenticity by adding your relevant and valuable thoughts to conversations which will ultimately get yourself noticed by others who will likely be drawn to your page.


Utilise Print Media
Every piece of print media you use in your business from brochures to signage, business cards, magazine ads and vehicle stickers presents an opportunity for you to clearly display that you are on Facebook. Make yourself visible and you make it easier for the people you have connected with in person and who have seen other forms of your corporate literature to know you have a presence and connect with your Page.


Use Facebook Advertising
Facebook offers several paid options for you to advertise your business. From Facebook ads to sponsored stories and promoted posts, there are many customisable options for you to utilise allowing you to have the freedom to create an ad campaign that works for your business.


Add a Like Box to Your Website/ Blog
Adding a Like Box to your website and blog is a great tool to utilise and it can be a big generator for likes and traffic to your page.


Turn Your Facebook Page Into a Community
Turning your page in to a community hub where fans are free to interact and share their opinions is a great way to learn more about your community and help build your brand. By actively getting your fans involved in your page and asking things about them and encouraging them to interact with each other, you utilise the fundamental aspect of why they are on social media , they just want to be heard. Therefore build your strategy around encouraging others to use your Facebook presence as a platform for sharing, and you will reap rewards for your business.


Be Social With Your Fans
Make it a habit to check your page daily for any new interactions or conversations you can join in with and respond to. It is by taking the time to respond to those who are talking to you that you show that you genuinely interested in what they are talking about online and it is through this that you have real conversations that build relationships. From this follows the development of a community of loyal followers that are likely to recommend you to others and share and interact with your content, allowing it to be shared and seen across whole new audiences.

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