11 Common Business Blogging Mistakes You Need to Avoid Making

When writing a blog post you are representing your business as much as you do when you are at meetings and in general. From this, it is vital that you take the time to make the best impression with your blog and put in as much effort to make it appear as professional and credible as you do for any other aspect of your business. There are many mistakes that businesses commonly make when they start blogging, so make sure you don’t damage your reputation by making those same mistakes.


  • Not Enabling Conversation

Your Blog is an on-going social conversation, and not allowing conversation to occur on your Blog is a mistake. Whilst allowing Blog comments can open you up to criticism and negativity, it also provides an invaluable opportunity to connect with your audience. Your audience is vital to the success of your blog and like to know that they are being heard so you need to open yourself to the conversation and enable and encourage your audience to respond to what you write. Beyond enabling commenting on your Blog, you also need to remember the conversation is two-way, so respond to the comments readers leave and you are likely to develop a community around your writing that can help turn your customers into fans who will promote your products and services and provide you with quality feedback.


  • Posting Inconsistently

Over time blogs often become neglected and not updated regularly as businesses let it slip down their list of priorities, it is therefore vital that in the very beginning you figure out a comfortable writing routine that works with your editorial calendar, be it posting daily or once or twice a week, and stick to it in order to maintain consistency and maximise your impact.


  • No Diversity Among Post Types

When businesses struggle to generate fresh and interesting ideas for their blogs this often leads posts to sound generic and similar. When this is teamed with another common mistake in not including media content such as relevant videos and pictures, blog posts can look uninviting and will not capture a reader’s attention. To avoid making this mistake make sure to post insightful and valuable content that your readers will want to read and looks visually appealing also.


  • Only Talking About Your Business, Products and Services

It is very common to see businesses using their blog purely as a place to hard sell their products and services. This is one of the worst mistakes a business can make as to truly benefit from using a blog and social media in general you need to be social and develop relationships and connect with your audience. This involves getting to know them and care about them in order that you can directly address their needs and share informative and valuable content that is going to build trust and create a community of loyal brand advocates.


  • Publishing Without Promoting

Your blog could be full of ground breaking ideas and brilliantly valuable information but that is no good if no one can find or see it. Once you have published your post, remember to promote it across all your platforms and that includes tweeting it, mentioning it on Facebook, emailing it to someone you know would find it useful and putting it into your e-newsletter and any other promotional techniques you can utilise.


  • Neglecting to Optimize for SEO

Whilst you are ultimately writing for people, you still need to consciously act on the various ways you can optimize your blog for search. This means utilizing your blog post titles with key words and strategically placing them throughout your content. Part of this process also involves a consideration of your blogs tags and using SEO friendly Anchor Text.


  • Ignoring the Design Aspects of Your Blog

Remember to consider the design aspects of your blog and ensure that they are optimised to boost and generate leads and traffic for your business. From ensuring you have social media sharing buttons, a search box, a subscription CTA, clear website links and contact information to a clear, organised content filing system. All of these need to be taken into account and optimised in order to make it easier for visitors to find and view content and ultimately connect with you and take actions.


  • Not Really Thinking About Your Post Title

Your blog post title represents one of the most important aspects as to the success of your blog as it from seeing it that a viewer will ultimately decide whether to click on it and view your post. This means you need to take the time to understand the importance of optimising it and making sure it grabs attention, is clear and concise and directly targets and will be of interest to your audience.


  • Ignoring Blog Analytics

If you fail to analyse your blogs analytics you are missing out on the opportunity to gain valuable insight as to whether your blog is successful and is reaching your business goals. It also helps you to determining which types of posts are most successful and which aren’t, which will help guide future content creation and ensure you make informed decisions that will ensure your blogs future impact and effectiveness.


  • Trying to Write for the Generic Masses

Remember when writing your posts you need to do so with your target audience in mind as this will ensure that your content is focused, interesting and informative to those who are interested in you and your industry. Writing to please a generic mass of people will not help your cause to become a source of valued information and expertise in your industry, so always consciously aim to directly target and address the needs and wants of your audience within your posts.


  • Neglecting to Check Your Post for Typos

Neglecting to read through your work to check for typos and other errors not only makes a post difficult to read and a point harder to get across, it also negatively impacts on your corporate persona leaving the reader with a less-than-professional opinion of you and your blog. So take the time to go through and address easily fixed errors such as spelling mistakes, typos and bad links as they can cost your business greatly in terms of readership and general opinion.

3 thoughts on “11 Common Business Blogging Mistakes You Need to Avoid Making

  1. Reblogged this on Just Communicate Social Media and commented:
    Excellent advice, especially regarding enabling comments on your blogs. The whole point of having a blog is to engage socially. Disabling comments not only impedes conversation, it makes social interaction impossible – making your blog appear just a rant platform.


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