6 Tips for Posting for the Holiday Season and Other Special Observances to Maximise Engagement

Computer keyboard with Christmas keys

With only a few weeks until Halloween and less than 11 weeks until Christmas, special observances provide a great platform for you to show your personality and reach out to a wider audience with exciting content. From this it is vital that you plan now in order to execute a successful holiday strategy that results in increased attention and ultimately sales for your business. Below are several holiday/observance themed tips and examples that you can implement to help attract attention and encourage engagement from your fans and followers.


1.      Create a Branded Calendar with an engagement initiative that spans a series of days

Similar to the way an advent calendar works, you can use the principle of giving a daily gift or treat and apply it to any holiday or occasion. For example you can do a ’12 days of Christmas’ theme,  ‘Love Week’ in the week surrounding Valentine’s Day or even join in with ‘National Curry Week’ for example if you are a restaurant.  Behind each day you can provide anything from a new tip or trick, a coupon, or the chance for fans to win a special prize. Whatever observances or holidays are relevant to your business you can use them to your advantage by engaging your audience and encouraging them to keep coming back to your page. You will likely be rewarded with increased awareness and interaction.

2.      Ask holiday themed questions, share stories and tips and encourage your fans to do the same

Each holiday and observance has its own traditions/ stories and memories and you can take advantage of this by asking holiday related questions and encouraging your fans to interact with you and each other and to share their holiday related stories. This not only humanizes your brand but encourages interaction and engagement. You could ask questions such as ‘what are you dressing up as for Halloween?’ or ‘What animal are you cooking for Christmas?’ Or if you have any brilliant tips or advice related to the holidays such as ’10 things to do with your Christmas leftovers’ then share them and encourage your audience to do the same. You can also encourage them to share their stories or memories of Christmas or Valentine’s Day for example by asking simple questions such as ‘Our favourite Christmas present we ever receive was a _____  because ______, what was yours and why?’ or ‘In the office we have all been sharing our most embarrassing Valentine’s date stories, [insert one of your embarrassing stories here] , what about you? Have you got a funny valentines story to share?’  By encouraging audience participation and making your page act as a hub of engagement filled with entertaining, informative and funny stories and advice,  people will be drawn to and interact with your page.


3.      If you are running a special promotion keep reminding fans to enter

Holiday themed promotions are a great way to excite your fans by giving them an engaging treat. So If you are running a special themed menu or food item, holding a ‘design our holiday Facebook cover’ contest or you are running a best dressed fan Halloween contest for example, keep reminding your fans to enter. This means promoting it across all your social media platforms and putting it in your newsletter and emails. Also remember to follow-up with the winner of your contest and promote them using/ or with their prize after the promotion has finished, this will have the benefit of making your winner feel extra special but will also provide you with extra content that you can use after the promotion has finished.


4.      Highlight any limited-time only or seasonal products or services you are offering

The holidays and other observances provide a great platform for running a seasonal promotion. So if you have a special seasonal item, menu or service for example that has a limited production run then promote it across all your social media platforms and encourage people to get it whilst it’s around. This can also be linked to the earlier suggestions of tying it in with a competition or making it available on a certain day in your ‘engagement calendar.’


 5.      Humanize your brand and share how the people behind your brand celebrate their holidays/ observances

One of the most successful ways to encourage engagement from your fans is to humanize your brand and a great way to do this is to share with your audience how you and the other people behind your brand will be spending their holidays/ observances. So whether you are spending your Christmas abroad or one of your colleagues is spending their 4th July bungee jumping for charity, let your fans know and they will likely interact and share with you what they are doing too.


6.     Provide holiday themed uses for your products or services  

If you can put a holiday spin or twist or a product or service you sell then make sure to share this with your audience. Likewise if one of your customers has discovered a valuable new holiday themed use for your product then share it and highlight that customer. Again this could also be tied into your ‘engagement calendar’ or can be used as an idea for a contest where you can encourage people to submit their unique holiday themed use for your product and the best one wins a prize.


Holiday seasons and observances provide a great opportunity to interact with your audience and promote your brand but above all you should remember to have fun with your audience at these times of the year. National observances and the holiday season in particular are full of nostalgia where people are looking to have fun and spread joy and cheer so remember that you can and should lighten up for the holidays by sharing stories and having a bit of fun!

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