My Social Media Toolkit – Great PDF’S, Who to Follow, What Links to Bookmark and More

In the ever-changing landscape of Social Media, reading, learning and keeping up to date with emerging trends and technologies is a must. However sometimes in the mass of complex and heavy jargon ridden articles written by social media ‘gurus’ and ‘experts’ it can become a bit overwhelming and you end up reading for hours, finding yourself more worried about what you don’t know than all the things you do know. For me personally I have no time for those type of articles, I simply want to be given straightforward and no-nonsense advice about what I should be doing and how I should be doing it. After all, in the words of the great Albert Einstein: ‘‘If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough’’ and on that philosophy is how I go about my social media consulting and management. So now I am sharing with you the best PDF’S, Links and People that I have come across that will give you the same straightforward, no-nonsense advice for you to learn from.


Great PDF’S to Save

  • Social Media Marketing Report

  • Get Started Building Your Social Media Presence

  • Why Social Media Marketing?

  • Add Social Media to Your Event Strategy

  • 10 Strategies for Social Media Marketing Success

  • Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

  • Turn Likes into Results

  • The Small Business Guide to Social Media

  • The Complete Guide to Pinterest

  • Ultimate Guide to Blogging

  • Twitter For Your Business- A Guide to Get Started

  • Grow Your Business with YouTube: A Step by Step Guide

  • Quick Guide to Getting Started: Facebook for Small Businesses and Non Profits

  • An Introduction to Social Media for Small Businesses

  • A Beginners Guide: How to Use LinkedIn for Business

  • Social Media Marketing For Dummies


Great Websites You Should Have Bookmarked

  • Social Media Today

  • Social Media Examiner

  • Econsultancy Blog

  • Duct Tape Marketing Blog

  • Wish Pond Blog

  • Socially Stacked

  • Mashable


People You Should Follow

  • Jeff Bullas


  • Dave Kerpen


  • Kim Garst


Other Great Links

  • The Best Collection of Social Media Infographics

  • Simply Business Guide to Social Media Success


If you have any of your own links, PDF’S etc. that you have found and are every useful, be sure to share them!

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