Has Pinterest Caught Your Interest? – How to Get Started and Great Ideas for Pins

With over 48 million active users, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks. It is essentially a collection of virtual pinboards allowing you to ‘pin’ images of products, places and services etc, that you like or want on your own boards. The visual aspect and appeal of the site has captured the interest of many businesses, from retailers to designers who are using it as an online portfolio or product catalogue. A Pin could be a gift, recipe or even a quote and has become very popular with people who use it in lots of ways from planning their weddings, decorating their homes to organising recipes. Businesses that are visual based have recognised the benefits of Pinterest quickly learning how adding the Pin It Button to your website is a great way of driving sales and a great tool for SEO as people can then pin and repin those images on Pinterest and then click to your website to make a purchase.

Before we begin, check out this great infographic flowchart from Intuit to easily see whether Pinterest is right for your business http://bit.ly/FSnuMM

Also be sure to check out the ultimate guide to starting a Pinterest account for your business from Social Media Examiner http://bit.ly/WLPojQ

Pinterest helps people discover things on a simple, visual way. People on Pinterest are connected by shared interests- their passions, hobbies, tastes and values. As a business you can provide inspiration for these interests by making sure each of your boards tells a unique, genuine story about what interests you, what or who you are and what you stand for. What type of boards you should create should also be based around your Pinterest marketing goals.

Ideas on what you can pin and what boards you can create are endless and all down to your creativity, but to get you started below are several ideas on what boards you can create for your business that will draw in attention and engagement from your audience.

Valuable Information, Tips and Advice

Successful boards often deliver something valuable to the reader, whether that is entertainment or information. Create your boards around information that will be valuable, useful and engaging for consumers. Tips and advice are popular on Pinterest as they engage and give value to your audience and therefore makes them more likely to interact. If you have access to content that can educate inform, teach or transfer knowledge to your audience, then create some boards around it.

Feedback For Your Business

If you are thinking about launching a new service or product or looking for opinions about how a particular aspect of your business is being received, the creating a Pinterest board that acts as a virtual focus group can help you directly connect and engage your audience and get valuable feedback. You can find out important information about your customers likes, dislikes and preferences that can greatly help your business efforts in the future.

New Products or Services

You can draw attention to a new product or service launch by dedicating a board to it. Pin information about the features and benefits, suggested audiences and uses and special deals etc. After the release, you can also post customer comments, media reviews and photos of people using the product or service.

Showcase Your Company Culture and Employees

You can also generate greater customer engagement by giving an inside look at your business through a board that offers a feel for your style, interests, ideas, projects and commitments. You can also feature photos of your office and employees that will ‘humanize’ your business and make people feel like they know you. Customers are more likely to interact with a business they feel like they know, so show a personality and people will be drawn to your page.

Showcase Your Customers

There are many ways you can involve your customers in your content. From happy customer testimonials, pictures of customers using your product/service to a pin of a customers’ own business, maintaining good relationships with customers and continually engaging with them is a great way to encourage them to recommend you to their connections and this will help ensure you are portrayed as a personable and genuine business with great customer service.


If you run regular giveaways, pin them up onto a competitions board. Popular competitions run on Pinterest are often based on people having to pin something (usually related to your product/service) to win something. This encourages user engagement and interaction but also drives traffic to your website if they are requested to pin something directly off it.

What are your thoughts on Pinterest as a business marketing tool? Have you anymore tips or ideas for great pins?

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