YouTube For Business- Uploading: What and How Often?

With over 72 hours of video uploaded YouTube every minute, it can be hard to make your video stand out from the crowd. For small businesses without an already established brand this is an even more difficult task to manage. There are however several guidelines available to aid you in what to upload, but always remember this key information;

Generally, people do not go to YouTube to find products or services to buy, they go there for one reason – to watch a video with the goal of finding something informative or entertaining. In order for your business to benefit from having a YouTube channel, your content needs to reflect this user intent rather than work against it. This means you need to create content that will inform, instruct or entertain and not go for a hard sell. Relating to this, you need to develop your videos with your target audience in mind so rather than trying to appeal to a generic wider audience, post content that contains something interesting and valuable that your target readers would want to watch. People on YouTube love to see something that is new fresh and clever so brainstorm content ideas in the mind-set of producing something that is creative and breaks the mould of other generic videos.

Below are several examples of ways to create the right type of customer engagement with your videos and ensure people are actively searching for them.

  • Thought Leadership

Display your business as a thought leader in your industry by offering free information that demonstrates your skills and intelligence and provides genuine value to users. This can be done by either presenting strategic, academic content such as speeches or seminars, interviews with industry insiders or by offering tips about your industry.

  • How To Videos and Tutorials

YouTube is a great place to find how-to videos as many people prefer to get instruction from a video rather than a heavy-text article. If you have specific and uncommon knowledge within your organization that others would likely benefit from learning about, then make sure to post them and they can be a valuable asset to your YouTube channel.

  • Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes videos are often successful because they are of interest to your customers and show they something they cannot get elsewhere. For ideas you could post a video of how your product is made or interesting insights from those who work in the back-end of your business.

  • Testimonial Video

Many customers use reviews in their decision to make a purchase. By sourcing video testimonials of past customers with great reviews, you will add an extra dimension to your reviews section that will show you are offering a really good product or service as happy customers have taken the time to document how happy they are.

  • Special Events Coverage

If you are attending a special event such as a conference, trade show, ball or dinner be sure to take your camera so you can post event photos and record footage of the event that can then be shared with your audience.

  • Site or Facility Tour

For businesses that strongly rely on their business space to attract and keep customers, for example hotels, restaurants and art galleries, a video site or facility tour can be a great way to boost brand image.

  • Media Highlights

If your business has been in the news recently, a video recap of your media highlights can show your authority and show your product or service off in a new light. Remember to attain any necessary rights to the video footage to avoid copyright infringement.

Although it takes some experimentation to find the best publishing schedule for you, there are two things that will dictate your posting schedule; your business goals and what your customers want.

How often to upload is different for everyone, for those that have a lot of special effects in their videos they may only upload once a week due to time constraints, or others that have less technical videos may be able to upload several times a week. What is important for being successful on YouTube is that you make an uploading schedule and stick to it. Scheduling is not only important for your audience, it is also need to help keep yourself on track. If you know you have to upload a video to YouTube once a week for example, they you will make sure to get it done. In you don’t have a schedule then it is easy to put off the work and neglect your channel and it will not become a succesful addition to your social media marketing strategy. Ultimately how often you upload will vary depending on what works best for your business, goals and audience so it is important to experiment to find a posting schedule that works for you. So the first step to determining your ideal posting frequency is to find the perfect balance between what you are capable of and what your audience wants.

To maximise the benefits of having a YouTube channel, you need to ultimately ask yourself; can you keep this schedule consistently?, Will all your videos contain high quality content at this rate? and do you have enough content to maintain this schedule? Once you have discovered the best times to upload, being consistent with your publishing schedule has the benefit of expanding your reach and drawing in an audience.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any tips on what to upload for best viewer engagement?

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